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In this interview with Century Post the most beautiful girl in Festac opens up on her Showbiz experience so far.Chronicling her journey from Eastern European education to the mine-field of Nigeria’s entertainment industry and what it took her to become a beauty queen and Ambassadour of some products and institutions and her dreams for the future 

Please can we get to know you?

My name is Toyin Otun. I’m the winner of the just concluded Most Beautiful Girl in Festac 2021, I’m from Osun state, Nigeria, but I’m based in Lagos. I’m a all round entertainer from Tv presenting, modelling, beauty queen pageantry and many more.I grew up in Eastern Europe Hungary and Austria to be precise for close to sixteen years but now I’ve come back to settle down in my number one home, Nigeria.

For one thing we know that year 2021 was a great year for you because it was the year you became a beaty Queen. How did you start on this journey and where are you headed?

Well, it has been God all the way; the opportunities are endless in 2021 kind of situation, you just have to find a way to make projects work, you just have to believe in yourself. I had to do some skills acquisition programs this year, with the help of my family and friends, they’ve really been supportive, my watch word is you’ve to believe in yourself first before people can actually believe in you.You have to be your own biggest fan.Its all about self love thinking positively about yourself attracts positive things when you know that, nothing will limit you.

Why are you a model and show business? Why not a teacher, nurse actress etc?

I was a teacher for quite some time was teaching both in primary school and secondary schools …funny enough students came up to me and told me to go into modelling and people would stop me in the streets randomly asking if am a model or an entertainer really telling me I have the height and have nice facial structure and glowing skin. So, I decided to give it a try and here we are.Its been wonderful.Its been God all the way.when I was a kid I would stay glued to my TV watching fashion shows and beauty contests all that stuff.That really inspired me when I grew up to try modelling and paegentry.

What does it mean to you?Who are your models,what inspires you?

Modelling means a lot to me its form of expression its an art it allows one to feel confident look people more in the eye it helps u face the camera and have been in really nice places due to modelling and TV presenting. My role model is Naomi Campbell she is very professional and consistent in whatever she does whether its modelling, acting she gives her 100%. A lot of things inspire me my love for clothing is one. I do like to try on different style of clothings, fabrics, materials hence why I also studied fashion design and love modelling cloths and all that.There are so many sides of me.

Tell us what you can say is your achievements so far since you became a beauty Queen?And what are you hoping to accomplish in the new year?

I have achieved a lot after winning the beauty pageantry, like I said, its been a very busy year for me going for Shoots, Appearing in music videos, Advertising for some brands, Attended a couple of Fashion and Runway Shows, remember I told you about my skills acquisition programs and alot more, its really been a great year for me also working on setting up my brand Tolizott empire which is hair\clothing line you can find us on Instagram @tolizott_empire. And I’ve just selected to be the cover the front page of international company ‘s calendar 2022, which am very happy about, going through the selection, I can proudly say this journey is leading me somewhere. Am also hoping to achieve a lot in this coming year, embark on projects that will encourage the girl child, am also planning on visiting some motherless baby homes because  the value of a mother in a child’s life is indispensable.

Have you felt or rather met some notable challenges a celebrity you want to share with us?

Challenges are parts of life. When one door closes, another one opens but It’s been great all the way.To be celebrated its amazing but there are alot of responsibilities that comes with it,  u really have to be cautious of what u are doing.The content you are putting out there whether online or offline because you’re a role model.There are alot of people looking up to you, so u have to keep that in mind.

Would you say modeling is respected in  Nigeria?What about your  Parents and Family;have they been supportive?Which other Nigerian or foreign models inspire you?

Well the Modelling profession is now respected in Nigeria unlike before but There’s alot that still needs to be done in the Modelling sector of the Nigerian entertainment industry .Nigeria is so blessed with alot of beautiful talents and wonderfully made people. I’m grateful for all the support from my friends and family especially my mum, she has being encouraging me to do more as a TV presenter, voiceover artist because she always love to watch me on those T.v shows I anchor and even when I’m modelling on the Runaway, I’ve modelled for some big brands like Palmers bodycream, Goge Africa, House of Moesha, Gibohinc, Modela couture, Intercontinental Distillers Limited, Greenage, Nike Art Gallery etc and I’m still praying for big brands to find me. I love Entertainment and I love Yemi Alade, She inspires me alot, I love how she always showcases the African culture in her music videos, dances, hairstyle and fashion sense. Modelling is all about showcasing, it could be, culture, fashion, it depends on the direction. Winnie Harlow is also an inspiration to me despite her skin condition, she is still confident and she has strutted the runway for many designers, her condition didn’t stop her from believing in herself and chasing her dreams.

What charities are you supporting and who are those and who are those that really challenges you to do more in your career?

I will like to support charity homes, like the motherless babies because every child deserves that healthy parental care, Love and Attention. It’s not supposed to be taken away from them. I really believe in that cause because they are our future generation, so we need to guide them right by showing them love. A lot has challenged me to do better in my career, one of them is my drive to succeed, my passion to be a positive role model and most importantly my family, I would say my mom and dad have been my driving force all the way.

What else do you want to tell your fans?

Okay, I say watch out for Toyin Otun, She is the next big thing to emerge out of the Entertainment industry because I’m an all round entertainer, TV presenter, voice over artist , music video vixen, beauty queen and many more, a Lagos State certified Fashion designer, Gele and Makeup Artist, and now also into hair a hairdealer wigmaker as well, CEO of Tolizott Empire, a brand that deals on hair \ clothing, I am also an Afrikqueen Ambassador\Queen and Miss Showbiz Nigeria Ambassador/Queen as well many platforms which I’m an ambassador, so you can see there’s a lot on my sleeves, everyone out there, watch out for this girl, follow me @ instagram handle toyin_otun, let’s do big things together.

What are your advise to others looking up to you in the profession or life generally?

My advice is never give up on what you believe in, it’s not going to be easy at first, but with sacrifice, preparations and perseverance, most importantly prayers and gratitude, you will get there. Remember its not about starting a race but making it to the finish line. My experience has been far from rosy but I thank God I have been able to make it this far and I know there are still greater things to come, stay positive because the mind can be very powerful. Thank you

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