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Wike’s antics cannot break the bonds of unity between SE, SS – IPOB

•Condemns murder of innocent Obigbo youths under the guise of killing IPOB members


The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), says it is “watching with keen interest, the murder of our people in cold blood in every part of Nigeria particularly in Obigbo, Rivers State, by Governor Nyesom Wike and the Nigeria security agents who derive joy in slaughtering innocent people.”

According to IPOB, “Wike’s desperation to be Vice President in 2023 based on a phantom promise by the Fulani is driving him into political malady.

“We want to remind anybody who supports or partners Wike in murdering our people in Obigbo to brace up for the consequences of their atrocities because IPOB must avenge for the death of those innocent youths, women, and even children murdered in cold blood.

“Anybody who is still in doubt of the status/boundary identity of Igweocha (Rivers State), should read the Supreme Court judgment on the case between Ikwerre and Okirika in 1958 when Wike was not yet born. Wike’s utterances on this simply portray his ignorance. It shows that his father and uncles did not teach him the history of Rivers State. Even Elechi Amadi affirmed that Rivers was part of Igbo land when he was confronted with the WACA judgment by Ohaneze Ndigbo, and that incontrovertible truth subsists till tomorrow.

“Wike, you have started what you cannot finish because IPOB is coming and there is nothing you can do to escape judgement. Your attempt to decimate youths in Obigbo under the guise of decimating IPOB members is only efforts in futility because IPOB is so formidable that no Pharaoh can wipe it off let alone a little fly like you.

“Everybody knows that Wike is working for Northern political elite who has asked him to decimate IPOB  as a condition to be endorsed for the Vice Presidental slot in 2023 otherwise, they will give it to one of the southeast Governors strongly angling for the position.

“IPOB remains committed to restoring Biafra sovereignty and independence irrespective of the mounting opposition by the enemies.


“Wike should also be reminded that the South East and South-South people are united in this cause and that no amount of sabotage and treachery by him and his likes can break the bond of unity among the people,” a statement by Emma Powerful, Media and Publicity Secretary for IPOB, said in a statement made available to Realnews on Friday, November 6. (Realnews)

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