Wifi exposure affect male fertility, says don

Exposures to wifi and other electromagnetic frequencies can cause DNA defragmentation in sperm cells and slow sperm motility, Vice Chancellor, Covenant University, Prof. Abiodun Adebayo, said at the weekend.


He stated this at a briefing and media workshop organised in Lagos by direct selling giant, QNET, to introduce its latest products into the market including the Chi Pendant 4, an innovative wearable health technology that incorporates universally appealing visual design and energy-transforming properties.


According to Adebayo, heat emitted from laptops could kill sperm cells outrightly, which negatively affects male fertility, noting that the human body was being put under severe pressure from constant exposure to harmful EMFs from electronic devices which have become indispensable in today’s digital world.


Adebayo said studies have showed that Wi-Fi causes oxidative stress, sperm and testicular damage, while explaining that oxidative stress was an imbalance of antioxidants in the body, which could lead to cell and tissue damage.


He said: “Exposure to EMFs emitted from WiFi can cause DNA defragmentation in sperm cells and slow sperm motility, while heat emitted from laptops can even kill sperm cells outright, all of which negatively affect male fertility.


“Most of us especially men are fond of putting phones in the pockets, not knowing the excessive damage it causes in the area of male fertility. Some of us also sleep with our phones on the bed not knowing the amount of radiation that these devices generate and how dangerous they are to our health.”


The Biochemistry Professor said it was important to maintain distance from wifi for the safety of humans, adding that QNET’s Bio light 3 and the Bio Disc 3, were also body enhancing products that had undergone rigorous scientific tests.


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