What Nigeria needs is leader that’ll stop wastages, rebuild the country, says Obi in Jos

The Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, landed on the Plateau on Friday declaring that what is needed in Nigeria going forward is a leader that will stop wastages and begin the rebuilding of a new Nigeria that the people will be loyal and faithful to, not to their various political parties.


Obi noted that the only accusation against him is stinginess, but remarked that Nigeria needs a stingy person to safeguard its resources and deploy them appropriately.


Obi told the Gbong Gwom Jos, Da Jacob Gyang Buba when he paid him homage in his palace that saving is a character formation, noting that while other candidates accused themselves of stealing government money, the only accusation against him was stinginess, adding that it is time for Nigerian leaders to stop wastages in government.


The Labour Party flag bearer said that the Obidient movement does not necessarily represent a political party but a people of different formations desirous of building a new Nigeria.


Obi who addressed a mammoth jubilant crowd at a campaign rally in Rwang Pam stadium, Jos, called on the people to observe a minute silence for members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from Plateau State who died in road accident while returning from a campaign rally.


The former Anambra state Governor stated that even though those who died in the auto mishap were not LP members, the life of every Nigerian is important, adding that the party suspended campaign in Plateau State for some days to mourn the dead.


In addition to the rally, Obi’s other engagement to address the National Obidient Students at a town hall meeting held at Landfill Event Centre.


Obi stated that he has vowed with his running mate, Dr. Yusuf Datti-Baba Ahmed to protect every Nigerian.


“We want to save the life of every Nigerian. We will secure and unite Nigeria. We are not contesting the election based on tribe.


“We want to build a new Nigeria, a new Nigeria is possible. It is the turn of Nigerians to take back their country.


“That is why we said we will move Nigeria from consumption to production. We want to create jobs; we want to secure Nigeria.


“Our youths are hard working; they are very productive, we want to make them compete with others in the world.


“Saving is a character formation,” he said.


The candidate noted that next month’s election is about character, stating that he and his running mate have not stolen any public fund.


“We are wealth creators. This is the opportunity for us to recover Nigeria and make it work,” he stated.


Obi stated that his campaign promises is recorded and that the people should hold him responsible for that.


“Give me the opportunity to secure the country; give me the opportunity to recover Nigeria and stop the blame game.


“We don’t want aid, what we want is the opportunity to take back the country,” he added.


The LP candidate restated at the town hall meeting with that his

government would be youth and women driven.


He promised to make Plateau State tourism centre, and assured that there would be no youth unemployment.


The LP National Chairman, Julius Abure said Nigeria is not working because of bad leadership.


He urged them not to reelect the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the PDP because they put the country in this sorry state.


Abure said that the LP has given them an alternative. “Before, you have only PDP and APC, but now you have an alternative, that alternative is Peter Obi.


“We have played our part, it is now your turn to play your own part,” he added.


Gbong Gwom Gyang Buba said every Nigerian has a role to play in securing the country, and appealed to politicians to conduct their campaigns with decorum.


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