US animal shelter rakes in N15million donations after rescue of 86 dogs from ‘horrible conditions’

Donations have flooded an Ohio animal shelter after it took in over 80 dogs rescued last week from what investigators described as “the most horrible conditions,” BBC reports.


“We can’t keep our front office clear,” said Megan Poffenbarger, of the Animal Friends Humane Society.


The dogs were rescued from another shelter where at least 30 dead canines were in refrigerators and freezers.


Others were discovered in cages filled with urine and faeces.


The owner of Helping Hands for Furry Paws faces charges of neglect and cruelty to companion animals.


The Butler County Sheriff’s Office said the dogs were in “the most horrible conditions they have ever seen”.


The animals were held at two structures in Madison Township, which is north of Cincinnati. One property had a garage holding 25 dogs in cages with no air conditioning or ventilation. The indoor temperature measured 89F (31.6C).


One cage contained a mother and eight new-born puppies and at the main property there were 11 adult canines – some caged together.


The sheriff’s office said the conditions were “unlikable.”


“The odour was strong enough to burn their eyes and take away their breath,” said a statement from the sheriff’s office.


The deceased animals were found in five freezers and refrigerators, some of which were not working.


The Animal Friends Humane Society has taken in 86 rescued dogs in all sizes and ages, including nursing mothers.


The shelter said they were “more than full” as they had already had about 110 dogs in their care.


So far, people have donated over $20,000 (£15,560) on Facebook, including from out of state, and they have received over $8,000 of in-person donations.


Ms Poffenbarger told the BBC on Monday: “All the new incoming dogs are really enjoying it.


“They’re getting attention constantly, we’re giving them toys, they don’t have to share a cage with anybody.”


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