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Terrorism Financing: ‘If my news report is fake, I dare you to sue’, David Hundeyin challenges NASCO Group

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Investigative journalist David Hundeyin says he’s standing by his report about NASCO Group’s alleged links to terrorism.

Hundeyin published a report alleging that late NASCO Group boss Ahmed Nasreddin teamed up with Islamists to bankroll Boko Haram and other terror groups. He said some of these Islamists are now close to the Nigerian government.

But NASCO Group, in a statement on Tuesday, described the report as “fake, malicious and mischievous”. The company did not threaten to sue the author. It only asserted that “the truth will prevail”.

Reacting to the statement, Hundeyin accused NASCO Group of peddling lies.

“I put it to you (NASCO Group) that you are telling lies,” Hundeyin tweeted on Tuesday night. “I am saying this on record. If this is not the case, I challenge you to sue.”

“I expected this weak response to include even a legal threat. So, here am I ‘the individual,’ hereby challenging you to go to court.”

Hundeyin further said that some people were missing the point of his investigative story.


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