Subject vaccines to clinical trial, expert tells FG

A professor of Medicine and Neurosciences, Phillip Njemanze, has advised the Federal Government to ensure it subject vaccines to clinical trials before administering them on Nigerians.

Njemanze, while speaking at a webinar hosted by the Foundation for African Cultural Heritage, advised the government not to believe in the efficacy of any vaccine without subjecting it to clinical trials.

He said: “Our doctors have to participate in clinical trials. Any vaccine that will be used in the country has to be validated in Nigeria and the results validated by Nigerians.

“Since we do not know the allergies, we have to tread cautiously. There has to be a proper clinical trial and we have to see that the variant of the virus that is here is responding to this treatment and we do not have any extraordinary reaction in Nigeria because our peculiarities are not quite the same as what is in Europe or America.

“We can’t just transpose that trial and say, ‘yes it worked in America, it would work here’. Who said so? So many things work in America and they don’t work here.

“In a country like Norway, 29 people have already died after they did 33,000 injections. So what is happening is that we do not know the level of allergies that would come from these vaccines and nobody knows that.”

Njemanze said rather than expend resources on vaccines, the Federal Government should prioritise Ivermectin in tackling the virus.

“Ivermectin should have been and should be our first line of defence. If you prioritise the vaccine and the virus mutates then, there is a bigger challenge.

“It does not make any medical sense to put our defence on the vaccine. These are not even vaccines, they are genetic devices, ” he said.

According to Wikipedia, Ivermectin is a medication used to treat many types of parasite infestations.

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