Soya-beans, a huge goldmine yet to be fully tapped – Stellanto CEO

The Executive Director, Stellanto Limited, Chinyere Chukwuka has said that her company is in business to tap the millions of dollars and naira that is accessible in Soya beans business. According to her, the company is into Soya beans products that are targeted at the elderly, athletics, pregnant women and children.


As she said the products can be used for moi-moi, soup, custard etc, adding for instance that in this Covid-19 era and with the scarcity of Tomatoes, Soya-beans soup could be used to eat rice and other cereal.


Mrs. Chukwuka maintained that there are a lot of products that can be made from Soya-beans, stressing that most of the products developed by Stellanto Limited were pioneered by her before it even went for tests and were given NAFDAC approvals.


She revealed that the company is not threatened by the humongous effort needed to build a Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) company like hers in Nigeria in big corporations, adding that even big corporations like Dangote Industries started as a small company.


According to her, what Stellanto is doing by attending fairs is to build its customer base and spread the vital information about their products, stressing her belief that all she needs is for people to just try her company products to find out its good quality.


She noted that the other advantage enjoyed by Stellanto products owes to the fact that the products are cost effective and cheap, adding that they are also health inducing, organic and natural without any addition of any chemicals or preservatives




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