South Africa’s IICEP appoints Dr Ikenga-Dennis as Country Director for Nigeria

The International Institute of Chartered Educational Practitioners (IICEP), South Africa, has appointed Dr Emeka Ikenga-Dennis as its Country Director in Nigeria.

Dr Emeka Ikenga-Dennis is a graduate of University of Calabar. He also attended Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and Leadership Christian University and Seminary, Kaduna.

Dr. Emeka Ikenga-Dennis is a Fellow of Integrated Business School (IBS), Advanced Institute for Management Studies, Institute of Diplomacy and Public Management as well as a full member of Nigerian Institute of Management and an Associate of Nigerian Institute of Public Relations.

He is the Registrar/CEO, Integrated Business School (IBS), Nigeria.

IICEP is a professional body for educational practitioners, established to train and retrain educational practitioners to enable them advances their skills for excellent service delivery and peak performance.

In partnership with Glocal University, India and Yahweh Hills University, South Africa.

IICEP is blazing the trail in digital transformation for teachers for enhancing teaching-learning experiences after the lockdown

Dr. Ikenga-Dennis has since assumed duty in Abuja.


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  1. This is honor well deserved and born out of continuous laborious work in many fields of education. He has impacted greatly to many both young and old and still desirous for more.

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