Restructuring: We don’t trust National Assembly – Afenifere

Yoruba socio-political group, Afenifere, said on Friday that it does not trust the National Assembly to champion its call for restructuring of the country.

The leader of the group, Pa Ayo Adebanjo, said this at the general meeting of the group, held at his Ijebu-Ogbo home town in Ogun State.

“We do not believe in the National Assembly which is a product of this fraudulent constitution to amend the constitution.

“It is immoral and illogical for a product of fraud to amend the fraud,” the group insisted

The group in a statement released after the meeting supported Southern governors’ position on a ban of open grazing and call for restructuring.

“Afenifere is in total support of the decision of governors of the 17 states in Nigeria banning open grazing of livestock in any of the states that they control.

Afenifere felt that although the declaration by the governors ought to have come long before now, given the atrocities that have arisen from open grazing, it is better late than never,” it reads.

Afenifere added that it “is delighted to note that ‘restructuring’ as a workable recipe for stopping Nigeria from falling apart, is becoming more popular and winning converts daily.

“We are delighted because ‘restructuring’ is something we have been advocating for a long time.


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