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Police, army sabotaging Uzodinma’s effort on security – Ohanaeze Youth Council

The National leadership of Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC) ably led by Comrade Igboayaka O Igboayaka has alleged Nigeria Police and Soldiers in Imo State of sabotaging the genuine effort of His Excellency Sen. Hope Uzodinma to fight crime in the State.

Comrade Igboayaka noted that the deliberate hostility, unwantom arrest, brutality and killing of Innocent citizen in Imo state has sent a wrong signal to Ndi Imo over the administration of Sen. Hope Uzodinmma.

Since over two months, the brutal killing and arrest of innocent Imolites by Nigeria Police and Army is quite very suspicious.

It has come to the level were the masses hail the Unknown Gun men, while they will run for their life when they sight police and Army with Hilux. Today the people are afraid of Army and police, but very friendly to Unknown Gun men, Igboayaka revealed.

We’re rapidly moving into a societal decay were armed gang are celebrated while security agents are despised, therefore Gov. Hope Uzodinma should organize a security Retreat and training of security agents working in Imo state. The administration of Shared Prosperity of Sen. Hope Uzodinma must design Operational principle and job prescription as the Chief Security Officer of Imo State to the Security Agents or they will drag his government into mud and mass resistance.

There is so much cry for Justice in Imo State, Cry’s of death, many have been left as an Orphan, Widow and widower masterminded by Nigeria Police and Army. There is secret abduction of Igbo youths in their houses and workshop in Imo State.

There’s so much tension in Imo state due to how Army and police react at the scene of crime, they (police and army) attack more innocent Imolites, while they allow the armed gang to flee, this is very suspicious.

At this critical time, Sen. Hope Uzodinma should look deep and examine the activities of Nigeria police and Army in Imo State Igboayaka lamented.

The Gov. Sen. Hope Uzodinma must set up an independent Judiciary of Inquiry to ascertain the exact cause of the death of some Imolites, starting from Divine Nwaneri that was killed at government house Junction, Mr. Noel Chigbu that was killed at Amakohia Flyover and others.

Recently towards the Students hostels around Owerri Club Innocent students were arrested, at Amakohia, MCC road, Naze Ogbo Osisi innocent youths were brutality beaten and arrested. At Bank road Owerri, military men shot at one Mr. Okey Okoroha and two Others in their car, living two persons wounded, Igboayaka recounted.

The activities of Nigerian police and Army in Imo have raised much fear among the people, and this orchestrated conspiracy is to sabotage the administration of Sen. Hope Uzodinma, Igboayaka concluded.



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