Opportunities in tech you didn’t know could earn you money Part 2 – Teach Online

By Comfort Okpere

There must be something you know that someone else wants to learn from you. Different cross-cultural learning experiences are constantly being shared online-Digital knowledge. When you take a look at various career opportunities, it’s not just a general outlook but some specific aspects which may be unique to you could just be the skill a client needs. For example, sometime ago, the BBC contacted me for data Journalist role.


Now some tech roles that you need to launch out may not be as technical as you think just as I was invited by, a Japanese English language teaching platform. You see, at one company, my skills in data, statistics and Mathematics were required, while at a different organization, it is my spoken English and teaching skills that are needed.


The interesting thing about Teaching online is that you get to teach based on the areas you are most proficient. Areas of your highest strength.


Furthermore, there are particular platforms that specialize in particular areas of teaching, you simply sign up to the one that is most suitable for you based on your skills. Here is just a few checkers you can look into should you want to explore teaching online:


Skillshare is one platform that I like because it is more practical focused. Like you want to teach an African who lives in Europe how to prepare an African dish, it’s more like a demonstration of the actual cook rather than just writing a step by step tutorial. You can explore these other platforms for what they offer.


Teachable is where you can choose what program you want to teach and sell it.


Thinkifkic is similar to teachable because you get to create your own courses. The price and content also depends on you.


Udemy is one of the most popular platforms where you can also teach and get paid.


All the above lists are platforms you provide ready to use teaching programs and courses, there are also platforms where the classes are live using videos and virtual classroom tools. They include, italki, cambly, outschool, vipkid, Verbling, etc.


While it is quite easy to set up an account with these platforms as it is free to sign up, the company only gets commission when you earn from your teaching or from sale of your courses.


I have compiled a list of over 20 educational platforms including where students can sell their lecture notes and a platform where teachers sell materials to each other. Let me know in the comment box if you need this list published here.


Furthermore, to succeed teaching online there are some training that you can add to your skills to make your profile more appealing to your prospective student. Diction classes, Teachers mentorship, Checkpoint skills and montessori training are some skills you can add. If you need me to write about these skills let me know in the comment box. Or you may choose to subscribe here so that when a new post is made you will be notified.


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