Opportunities in tech you didn’t know could earn you money Part 1 – Virtual Assistant

With the increasing technological landscape, you will agree that there are tons of opportunities that could earn you some money with the right knowledge, appropriate skills and a little guidance. The story of how technology and its exponentially growing innovations have changed the lives of regular individuals, some of whom had to ‘drop out’ of school to pursue their newly found techno gold opportunities. From Bill Gates, to Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, the technology billionaires list just keeps getting longer. It appears that with each technological innovation, a new set of millionaires or even billionaires emerge.


Is it just an unnecessary hype or just extreme fantasy? Do people actually earn money with technology? Okay, the likes of Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos or Jobs, that’s different and quite understandable. These are the guys controlling the very core of tech and own the giant blue chip firms of the tech industry. So how could you possibly be part of people like that? No, the right question should be: Why are you NOT a part of people like that?


In the coming days or perhaps weeks, I will take you through some of the most shocking tech opportunities and ideas, that you probably know already but did not even imagine mean anything important, not to mention earning money with them; including the simple chatting on platforms like WhatsApp! Yes! You read right!


Let us begin today with a simple skill called Virtual Assistant-VA


Few weeks ago, I was contacted by a client in Luxembourg precisely the owner of the WildZest Agency requesting for my services as Virtual Assistant, part of my job will be language translation from French to English; I need to add that I do not know how to speak the French language beyond the basic salutations, It is just English language that I have a good command of. Now, you will ask me, how will I translate a language I do not understand or speak well? If you need an answer to that question, let me know in the comment box at the end of this article. For now let’s focus on my Virtual Assistant offer. I and the company’s CEO had a bit of banter and some tests and settled for the price of the job. Other aspects of my job for this particular client included data mining, web and social scrapping, and contact listing. In the coming days, I will be going through the specific details of the above simple tech skills and how you can benefit from each of them and more.


Not too long ago, if you wanted to start a tech business, you will have to go through various rigorous processes, including renting office location, hiring staff, purchasing equipment, computers, etc and that itself makes the budget quite high and it discourages most startup businesses from taking off at all but these days, you could run nearly any kind of business from your bedroom as long as you have the one or two tools required; usually a computer PC (or laptop, or mobile smart device) and internet service. With this you can set up your office, hire staff across various parts of the world and pay as you can afford. If you do not have any funds, you could take off solo and build your company until it gets to when you can afford to employ one or two extra hands to support you. Oh, by the way, some of those giant Tech companies owned by the big names you know started that way, the small bedroom of the person who had the vision of the company. Today, you do not need to be the most intelligent or even know rocket science or Elon Musk SpaceX skills to benefit from lots of these opportunities. This age is not called the Information Age for nothing! One of the reasons for the information age is that if you have information that is valuable to particular needs or niche markets, then you hold an important key for both yourself and that market. Here are some points you need to know about becoming a Virtual Assistant; which is a role for someone that provides some client support whether technical, administrative or otherwise. Whatever the client needs you to do, will be explained and as long as you can deliver it, then you’re in business. To be relevant as VA, you need to have a skill to offer: On this I advise you get some basic training on what is needed.


Have a mentor or a someone to guide you in order not to under price or over price yourself.


Be open minded and willing to learn


Where to find Virtual Assistant jobs


Upwork, Fiverr, Flexjobs, Freelancer, Peopleperhour are some of the most popular places where you can find virtual assistant jobs.


In addition to these platforms, seek some expert advice so that you can prepare your profile to speak on your behalf.


More on VA and other tech Skills will be available on this platform in coming days, keep visiting to get them. You may choose to subscribe to our posts to be notified when new opportunities are published.




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