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Nigeria-Biafra war: In memory of over 3 million Igbo souls, By Great Imo Jonathan

It is evil not to honour the memories of our beloved ones when they pass-on and it will be much evil not to honour the memories of over three million human beings who died in an acrimonious circumstance. Those who seek to make us forget are only ashamed of their own history. And a nation that has not found the courage to allow a people to honour the memories of millions of their compatriots who died in such acrimonious war is not ready for the much needed healing and continues building of a united entity. By not allowing a people the right to dedicate a day for the REMEMBRANCE of their loved ones such a nation seems to showcase its lost of touch with civility. Because it is the practice in modern societies all over the world where there have been such histories for people to dedicate a day to mourn their dead.

But I blame Igbo governors for their cowardice. Because it is their duty to mobilize their people to a solemn assembly as Yoruba governors do every June 12 and not allow none state actors engage in such sensitive affair.

Or how do you want a people to forget or not to remember that they lost over 3 million souls? How?

Hence, I am joining millions of Igbos all over the world today to honour the memories of millions of our people who died during the Biafran war.

And for those revisionist who over the years have tried to justify the wicked food blockade targeted at women and children during the war or to blame Ojukwu as the man who caused the war your propaganda will no longer be tolerated. We will continue to make the facts clear and present history as it should be, so that we may help our people get healing.

You can imagine that a history as recent as 1966 were there was a pogrom leading to the massacre of over ninety thousand (90,000) Igbos some people are trying to pretend that it never happened. They have rather tried to make ojukwu the fall guy in a mindless sustained propaganda that was orchestrated to make the victims the aggressors, even when all evidence points to the contrary.

Yet ojukwu was not the reason for the pogrom, rather by coincidence he was the leader of the region at that point in time and he had the obligation to speak on behalf of the people. He never called for war but asked for peace by going to Aburi to discuss with those who were determined to annihilate his people, having killed close to hundred thousand already. Neither did Ojukwu go against what was agreed upon in Aburi to warrant anybody to blame him for the collapse of the Aburi Accord.

The people chose to have their own country in order to protect themselves. When the war was levied on them they had no choice but to fight for survival.

Even when the ABURI ACCORD was not implemented by Gowon, it was the eastern consultative assembly that asked for the declaration of Biafra to save the people from mass murder by those who have hated and have been killing them since 1945 and not Ojukwu.

Yet ojukwu did not declare war neither did he take the first shot.

But in a hate embrace some people want to sound politically correct by sustaining an orchestrated propaganda that failed the test of history and evidence. To the extent that they query a notable international convention in literal war engagement that prohibits food blockade against women and children, and targeted bombing of women and children.

Even if anybody is trying to impress somebody it is inhuman to endorse such cruelty because it is against good conscience and civility.

May the souls of those killed in Biafra genocidal war rest in perfect peace!

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