Nigeria, a collapsing pack, By Dr. Sunny Oby Maduka

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How is the almighty falling? Nigeria, the giant of Africa being humiliated by a trial and error governance system.

A giant ship without a compass or a router.

A nation without any iota of shame.

A country that prides on falsehood and failure narratives.


When last two weeks I wrote, ‘PMB,  A BLESSING IN DISGUISE’, a lot of Nigerians took me to the next level of propaganda. I was called many derogatory names and thank God Almighty for many who understood the metaphorical meaning of, A BLESSING IN DISGUISE.


I must appreciate God Almighty for giving PMB a chance to preside over the affairs of this country.

It was a test case, and gladly, we have all seen the benefits of PMB’S presidency.


I was just wondering if PMB has not been opportune to lead this country before his demise. Most of you will agree with me that Katsina State would have become a new Mecca in Nigeria. In fact, his grave would have been a national monument for tourists and his fame would have been a martyr of some sort.

PMB would have been the most celebrated citizen in Africa, probably second to Pa Nelson Mandela.


Thank you all Nigerians and at least, we have not wasted PMB’S tenure, rather, we have come to realise that the best period to test a man’s integrity is when he is given the opportunity to serve his people and freedom to dictate everything about his country’s governance system.


We have seen and still watching how we are not allowed to speak to our president directly.


We have seen how Niger Republic has been annexed as part of Nigeria with juicy infrastructures and economic development policies.


We have seen how all the loans and returned looted fund have been relooted or utilised through propagation of false narratives.


We have seen how we have crushed terrorists by renaming them as Bandits and with a mandate not to kill them whenever we catch any of them.


We have seen how Boko Haramists are ravaging the North with abandon recklessness.


We have seen how much we love terrorists by embracing them with VIP treatments while their victims are languishing in degradations.


We have seen how our schools have become the kidnappers’ gold mines.


We have seen how our Naira has become the weakest currency within the African countries.


We have seen how herdsmen are sacking many ancestral homes of many Nigerians.


We have seen how powerful Miyetti Allah has become, dictating to the government on what must be done to appease their god of cows.


We have seen how cows and goats have become saints, and because of their enormous values that are more important to human lives, our NASS has decided to create a Ministry of cows and goats that will be in charge of their critical database.

A shameless nation that wants to pass a law for cows and goats database, meanwhile, we are confused of how many of Nigerians are human beings.


We have seen how religious beliefs have become part of fanaticism in government policies directions.


We have seen how Nigerians have been labelled poverty capital and with no future planning process.


We have seen where carrying a Nigerian passport overseas has resulted in treating Nigerians as abnormal human beings.


We have seen the total collapse of our healthcare system, education policy, escalation of youths unemployment, economic deadness, next level corruption index, power and leadership failures.


We have seen how nepotism has become synonymous with our national policy objective.


We have seen how dead bodies are littering our streets and lives are no longer sacred to the terrorists and their sponsors.


We have seen how we have lost every sense of morality and principle because one man has become a god of the people.


We have seen how UK has shamed Nigeria by issuing express asylum visas to the supposedly proscribed IPOB and MASSOB members, and instead of remaining mute, we have shamelessly made public nuisance of ourselves by threatening UK government.


We have seen how other countries citizens have infringed into our borders unhindered, and are now bonafide citizens of Nigerians having been allowed to register for our National Identification program.


We have seen how gradually, Nigeria has lost its evolutionary status of a giant because of leadership failure, and Ghana has become the new African investment destination for many multinationals companies and developed countries.


Yet, we are still pretending that all is well.


It’s only a dead man that will not understand the meaning of dead sentences that are self-inflicted.


Nigeria is just existing by name, and not necessarily because we have patriotic Nigerians.


We have all failed and as such, if we must continue with this identity called Nigeria, it must be collapsed first, and let’s restart it again. The present leaders’ greed, religious and tribal mentalities are devilish, and they don’t have any moral resilience, responsibilities or capacities to resolving the present enormous problems in Nigeria.


We must accept that we have failed and with contrite hearts, come together to rebuild this country; or probably, agree to go our separate ways in peace.


This regime has cleverly instituted a nation without any national ideology and today, all nationalities, except the Fulanis are clamouring for a new structure that will give every Nigerian the equity of respect and dignity.


Nigeria is gone, and it’s just a matter of time as said by my dear brother and respected friend, Dele Momodu.


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to accommodate and exonerate a minister who’s a religious fanatic, and who takes delight in applauding the killings of other Nigerians because they are assumed to be infidels.

The same Minister that was fingered as one of the sponsors of terrorists’ activities in Nigeria was in FEC meeting of Wednesday, the 21st April, 2021, and as predicted, his issue of a national security emergency was silenced.


I can now understand why UK delisted IPOB as a terrorist group. The main terrorist groups are within the government corridors, pretending to be our leaders.


A country that supposedly would have been a secular state has today been engraved to a one religious belief, and gradually, we are moving towards building a nation where religion will be the Opium Baptism of being recognised as true citizenship.


Today, Nigeria has gone into the archives, seeking for Economic Buoyancy Theory(EBT), and all that we could seek out was the CURRENCY PRINTING THEORY OF IDI AMIN and ROBERT MUGABE.


We have lost all senses of self- worth as a nation, and as such, are mulled up by leaders who are outdated, illiterates, incompetent or are just not true or patriotic Nigerians.


Many Nigerians have been clamouring for the resignation of the Minister of Finance and CBN Governors, but they have refused to comment on the master.


These two people are just messengers and they’re doing their duties as loyal messengers to their master.


How can someone with his right sense of reasoning fathom that such magnitude policy objective will be carried out by the Minister of Finance and CBN Governor without an Executive mandate?


In a government establishment, there are processes of initiation, recommendation, approval and implementation.


The Minister of Finance and CBN Governor will never print a single Naira Note without the presidency knowledge. We are talking about sixty billions of Naira Notes and not six Naira Notes, and I am wondering why the presidency has not come out to state its own side of the story.


“A nation’s currency is like a heart of a human being. Once polluted, the entire body system will be sick.” DSM.


Nigeria is sick right now, and this time, we don’t have to travel to London for medical tourism, but to diagnose the symptoms of our illness locally, and find a local remedy that will outlive our generation.


And this solution must be urgently sort out, otherwise, Nigeria will be dead, and the consequence of its sudden death will be catastrophically devastating.


Dr Maduka, an author, is a multi-faceted resource personality



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