‘Life does not reward effort, it rewards excellence’ – Buchi, Eben at Dynamic Twins album launch

Two gospel music supremos, Buchi and Eben, graced the album launch of the Dynamic Twins (Expression) which was held at the Omega Ministries Ikeja Church, Lagos recently and gave a performance that raised the roof.

Speaking at the launch, Eben and Buchi gave the twins what you could describe as the best music advice of their lives, musically speaking.

According to Eben, “life does not reward effort, it rewards excellence. Ministry is about sharing your experience with God, with the rest of the world. You can’t be a minister and you are remixing other peoples songs and old songs because you want to blow(succeed).God said in his word that out of your belly will flow rivers of water. Not out of the bellies of other people. No, out of your own belly.”

Also he maintained that when an artiste  humbles himself ‘its not others that gains but it is you that benefit because God will lift you up. You are not rich because of the physical cash in your pocket or bank account but because of your heart .Those who are surprised by their success or the money they have and become proud; it is because they never believed that they will be rich.But if you believed God that you will be rich and great you will not change when it comes because you have always known or believed God that He will make you great. So,its not the crown that makes you rich or a king but its your heart or mind and belief in God.

On his part Buchi who was dressed in his signature cap posited that “if your mind is full of all that has been spoken then you will see it come to pass….There is a journey ahead whose success will not be determined by who graced this occasion or how much is sold or how much money was made. The success would be determined by the lives which was impacted.

“If God has determined for you to reach 10 souls let it reach 10 souls….If He has determined for you to reach 10million,let it reach 10million.As Eben has said let Jesus be the centre of what you are doing. You are like the end time labourers who are called to ensure that the words of the Lord reach the ends of the earth. Because there are those you are called to reach who may not hear Eben, who may not hear Chris Morgan or who may not hear Buchi or in hearing they may not listen(or understand).

“One may ask how will the money come, how will the awards come, how will the impacts come. Listen to the one who have called you and build according to the pattern He tells you. When you have resolved and built according to the pattern He shows you that is how the reward ,the awards etc will come. Ask the one who had called you on what to do. Your work is not to satisfy the crowd here or the one out-there. But to satisfy the one who has called you. And then build according to the pattern He tells you”.

Nigerian gospel music duo, Dynamic Twins – born Peter and Emmanuel Obaje album tagged “Expression” contains 12 tracks ;namely “Halleluyah”, “Ohimini“” Miracle Worker”,”Ikuku Ama Nonya” ” Otobi.”

Other songs in the gospel package include “High,” “Ife”, “Time to Connect”, “Grace”, “Praise the Lord” and “Full Blooded Idoma Boys.”

Tracks two, three, five and ten were musically produced by popular producer Skill Beatz, while classy Ben Jossy handled tracks one, six, seven, eight and eleven. Sunny Lee, Austino, and Emashyne were in charge of tracks four, nine and twelve independently.

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