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Lanre Alabi, ‘Mr. Calm Down’ and charitable man, hits the Diamond Line

By Mahmood Isamotu

The popular saying that nobody in this world is self made is a universal testament. Helpers of destiny are positioned by Providence to lift people up in the journey of life.


So, in November 1999, God provided people who helped me to move into the banking industry which was a glamorous thing then.


Mr. Lanre Alabi was, by providence too, my immediate boss. My stay in the industry largely rested on him, apart from God.


And since 1999 till now, Mr Alabi and I were not just colleagues, but brothers.


I could write a best selling book on this man’s management skills, personal values, family and spirituality with authority. We were that close even till now.

*Lanre Alabi

Mr. Alabi is a very simple, open minded and humble man. He respects people, values relationship and is always ready to assist. He mentored all staff that he supervised then. Mr. Alabi showed interest in the personal concerns of his staff to the extent that he would suddenly appear in your house just to say “hello”.


Mr. Alabi is blessed with a huge frame but he is much more kind hearted. He is a very generous man. As his policy since I know him, he keeps money in his car to give people as he drives around. Junior staff in the bank then would line up to say good night because they were sure to get tips. He is a also regular face at many Motherless Babies Homes which he supports discretely.


He values relationship and friendship a lot. He is always interested about the welfares and issues concerning people around him. This has endeared him to many and I have learnt a lot from him on this. Sometimes in 2002, he called me to join him to drive to Kwale, Delta State, to attend the funeral of the mother of the then Editor, The Punch.


He encourages and supports people around him to push to their limits. Severally, he pushes me to the front seat all in an attempt to realize my potential. He is also very contented with the much God has blessed him with. He will never compare himself with others while he appreciates the success of others around him.


He is very ambitious and encourages people to dream big, always restating that there is nothing God cannot do.


Mr. Alabi can do anything for his friends, including menial things even for his subordinates. Several times I had had course to take my car to his house to help supervise fixing it. He is happy doing such things and always excited to hear good news about his friends.


One of the areas that Mr. Alabi earns my respect as a professional is being a strategist and talented person. There is no complex or complicated issue that baffles him. His mantra is “just calm down”. He will always figure out a solution even as he displays calmness in the midst of confusion. He is a man of ideas. As a perfectionist of sort, he would insist on excellence execution of projects and get interested in the minutest details including correct pronunciation of all names.


He is a consummate expert in marketing communication, brand management and crisis management, among others. It is on record that he pioneered business supplement publications in Vanguard newspapers then as a Business Editor.


Mr. Alabi also espouse family values a great deal. I know he is the best friend to all his blessed children and nothing comes between him and his wife. He promotes this life style to his friends. His parents were great models to him and remains close to his father now more than before with the passing of his mother last year.


Mr. Alabi is also well detribalized. He relates with everyone freely and always brings out the positives in the life of his friends. This is responsible for the profile of his friends.


Unknown to many, Mr Alabi is deeply spiritual. Up till now, he does not miss weekly church services at his Okokomaiko based Church, The Ultimate Power Ministry, which he has been attending for more than 20 years, while he lives at Anthony. His dictum is that, only God can do anything and as human being, we should worry less. He strongly believes that the spiritual controls the physical and as humans, we should be more interested in that realm.


I am a beneficiary of Mr. Alabi’s simplicity, generosity, friendliness, openness and professional mentoring.


As he turns 60 today, Mr. Alabi has a lot to thank God for.


I wish Pastor Olanrewaju Kamardeen Alabi many more glorious and fulfilling years in Jesus name.


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