I’ll renounce my Nigerian citizenship if Tinubu is sworn in as President, Ojikutu vows

Alhaja Sinatu Ojikutu, former Deputy Governor of Lagos State, and first elected female Deputy Governor in Nigeria, has said that she will renounce her citizenship of Nigeria once Aswijau Bola Tinubu is sworn in as President.


She also said that she has already told her lawyers to start working on that ahead of May 29, stressing that Nigeria is in a deplorable state and doesn’t need a President with baggage to start managing its affairs at this critical time.


Ojikutu, who spoke during a press conference with journalists in her Ikoyi residence on Wednesday, also told journalists that her safety is no longer guaranteed and that if anything happens to her, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the President-elect should be held responsible.


“I had to speak out when I heard that because I had gone through a lot and had to keep them to myself but when I heard Tinubu was asking if I am still alive, I had to cry out. I will also say that if anything happens to me he should be held responsible.


She said that part of the grouse Tinubu had against her was her insistence that Lagos needed to be developed and also because she aspired to be governor of Lagos State.


Ojikutu noted that those things didn’t go down well with Tinubu and he had on many occasions humiliated her publicly and even ordered that her land documents be revoked.


“I said it in one of my posts and I am saying it again that if anything happens to me, Bola Tinubu and his cohorts will be held responsible.


“Lagos has been disadvantaged. I refuse to visit the Lagos Island where I come from, because everywhere is a mess. All the streets are filled with water and potholes.


She added, “I decided that before I am eliminated I will come out and say what is on my mind. I hope to get the citizenship of a nation that I can be happy in because corruption is endemic in this country. People are lobbying to occupy, Ministerial and other appointments. I am ashamed to call myself a former public officer


About the 2023 general elections, she said, “Nigeria is in a hopeless situation and when I heard Peter Obi speaking, I had no choice but to support him. Again I am one of those who believe that it is time for the South-East to get the presidency. If we say we want to remain one Nigeria, then we have to take equity into consideration.


“You cannot say that you are one Nigeria and you are suppressing a particular region. You don’t want them to get the presidency shot. If you don’t want them as number one let them go. If you don’t want them to go, then give them the chance to be number one.


“Obi came out and said things that appealed to the youths. He said he would take care of the wastages that are not letting the nation to develop. Many of us fell in love with what he said,” she said.


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