I remain committed member of Labour Party irrespective of my position about Obidient movt, Obi clarifies

Former Anambra State governor and Labour Party chieftain, Peter Obi has clarified that his explanation about the Obidient Movement doesn’t question his membership of the Labour Party.


Obi was LP standard bearer at the 2023 presidential election.


Obi had said the Obidient Movement which was the backbone of his nationwide support was not domiciled in any political party but a political awareness movement that cuts across political and other divides, reports ACE, an online news medium.


He clarified that “For the avoidance of doubt, ‘I remain a committed, loyal Labour Party member’. That is my definitive response to all Nigerians who may be in doubt about my party affiliation in the light of recent reports and conflicting interpretations of recent political expressions.


“I have just been confronted by a journalist at the Abuja airport wanting to know if my statement on Obidient Movement yesterday is a signal of my leaving the Labour Party.


” For the attention of all those holding such an impression and for the general public, I remain a faithful, committed and loyal member of the Labour Party.


“Indeed as a Leader of the party, my aspiration, and desire working closely with other Leaders is to reconcile our valued members, and partner with like minds, and parties all over the country to build a strong and better Party that will catalyze and commence the rebuilding of a new Nigeria.


“My statement yesterday was intended to clarify some issues that are of concern to our teeming supporters some of whom are not members of any political party but are desirous for a new Nigeria. Our goal and aspirations remain that a new Nigeria is POssible.”


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