Gramma Foods is a global franchise making waves worldwide – Mrs. Agbara


The Virginland Environmental Services Limited has said that its brand product, Gramma Foods is a global franchise and is making waves Worldwide because of its quality and the fact that their products are competitive in the market place.

According to a statement by Mrs. Udo Agbara their representative at a recent mini-fair organize by Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) Gramma Food products were founded to promote the African nay Nigerian cuisine and edibles in a hygienic and natural way in the overall interest of the country.

She said this basic foundation was responsible to the fact that the products are prepared without preservatives and so are medicinal from all intent and purposes, saying that individuals who are health conscious has nothing to fear from Gramma products and edibles.

According to her these are responsible to the fact that the companies products are export and sold in America as well as places like Southern Africa etc, stressing that with Gramma products it appears that there are no border lines as the edibles are spices are put together in the overall interest of the heath and well being of the masses across the World.

Mrs. Agbara called on Nigerians to “be sure of what you eat” by patronizing Gramma Foods crushed Crayfish, unripe Plantain Flour, Cameroun Peper, Bitter-Leaf, Efirin, Dry Okazi, Handpeel Egusi (ground) among others.

According to her “i want our customers to testify of the goodness of our product. It is a product of quality. Its based on quality and its clean and well packaged. There are no preservatives in our products and its very tasty.

“Moreso, our products are medicinal and organic. The packaging is excellent so i want our customers and consumers of the product to testify so that more people will know the goodness of the product.”

The product is distributed in South Africa by Missinghome and by Dencizni International in United States of America


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