From Tomato to Cucumber Stew: They have come here also 

By Dr Chidi Ulelu

If there is anything about the information superhighway being opened to all and sundry, it is the fact that life has few or no secrets anymore.

Someone showed everyone how to to beat the high cost of tomato and still end up with same if not larger quantity of stew at less than 20% of the cost of tomato stew.

Now I went to buy Cucumbers last night only to see that the prices of cucumber too , have doubled again within days ,even now that it is rainy season. So the thing that pursued tomato has come over to cucumber too.

On matters of food, prices and survival there are better, more sustainable and more permanent solutions that will give you better quality and quantity. It is better to seek more sustainable measures because while someone is here trending with daily update of rice being 78000 Naira per bag wholesale, the farmer in Wurno ,Sokoto state and Birnin Kebbi is reading the information real time on you Facebook or twitter timeline .So when you are going to buy faddy ( rice paddy for processing ) he will laugh and show you the price you are selling before telling you his own price now since he knows your selling price.

It was before when there were poor ,partially blind farmers that food was cheaper in the village, today’s farmer knows the number of sticks of TMS 419 to plant and produce 1 ton of cassava .If you like,cry and complain till tomorrow, one paint of garri is now 3,500 Naira.


Wait don’t be in a hurry to rush to solution ,first we need to understand better what we are facing and appreciate more the key points of pressure so as to give a correct diagnostic result that will enable the appropriate prescription to work well.

This writer is well aware well ,well ,that as long as the sun is shinning ,the soil and seeds exist in Nigeria ,with our God given climate and seasons ,THE ONLY CHALLENGE HERE AT HOME IN NAIJA IS A BANKRUPTCY OF APPROPRIATE USE OF SENSE to harness the sun,soil,seeds and season .

Full stop ,that is the problem,not dollar ,not Satan,not enemies and certainly not ahianjoku,sango or our ancestors .Like Bob Marley did not fear atomic energy because it cannot stop the time ,none of the factors we allude to as the cause of our problems in Nigeria can affect the divine proclamation and law that states in Genesis that; as long as time persists, seed time and harvest day and night shall not cease.


Otherwise why will a country that knows that over 60% of the money we make including all the old and new minimum wage will end being spent on the MANIFICIENT SEVEN(7)and the ACCESSORIAL TWO(2).

That is where almost all the money in Nigeria go.

See them below it is not Juju that consume all your money :


The magnificent 7 and the Accessorial 2 are:

Cassava( garri,foo foo elubo)




Corn( maize &millet)




ACCESSORIAL 2 ( where all the animal protein ( chicken,fish,pork,goats,sheep and cow, rest)

1 Soup ( as it is called is also a Nigerian stew)


2 Stew( as in real Nigerian stew)



So instead of all these so called palliatives by government or resting on temporary measures that are like hiding pregnancy behind a finger, a very important secret that is already known by every body ,there is a better and a more excellent way to solve this food matter, which is the greatest headache now in Nigeria.

Make food




By following the SMART AGRO pathway. Smart agro is not smart agriculture or planting yam with drones but SMART AGRO is the production of over 90 % of the above mentioned food items ( only yam and cassava are exempt but processing them both is smart agro too) in agricultural production, processing and marketting and all of them begin and end in 90 days.

More than 90 % of all we need to have Affordable, quality food available 24/7 and 366 days of the year can be produced in 90 days .From the rice to vegetables to 8 or 9 weeks old broilers and 3 months old fish ,fattening of pigs and ruminants without genetic modification all of them including rice,maize ,pepper ,onions,cucumber, tomato etc are all 90 day crops and livestock.

To drive it home,it takes 120 days to place order,load the ship,swim from Thailand and clear and haul 1 shipload of rice from Thailand to Nogerian warehouse. Yes ,120 days but it takes 105 days to grow and harvest 100 shiploads of rice in Nigeria as against 1 imported ship load .

And now in smart agro ,you can plant on land, plant in bags ,plant hanging plastic bottles you can plant without soil or even screen ( no need for green) houses based on locally available knowledge. You can plant or rear the livestock alone,you can do it as family ,you can do it as a church group or mosque or workplace special and Multipurpose cooperative. You can start it for self,for subsistence, for sale at home and graduate to export in that order. Key is just start .

Because this government (with our express permission permit me )will soon kill everyone with lack of proper deployment of sense unless you take a deliberate decision to emancipate yourself and get into SMART AGRO today .

Tomato stew is great ,cucumber stew may still offer temporary culinary comfort wherever you run to they will come, but engagement in SMART AGRO abideth in perpetuity .


*Dr Chidi Ulelu writes from Lagos,for more information on how you can engage in SMART AGRO you can send ONLY email to

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