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Farmers/herders clash: No ethnic group should dominate others ― Gbajabiamila

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Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, has warned that no ethnic group in the country should seek to dominate others but respect each other for the sake of peace and harmony.

Speaking to correspondents after a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the presidential villa, Abuja on Wednesday, he stressed the need for more dialogue among Nigerians.

He assured that on resumption from the present break, the National Assembly would work on legislation aimed at resolving contentious issues in the country.

Speaking specifically on the south-west, south-east/Fulani herders tension, he said: “Everybody just have to come to the table and discuss and come to an amicable resolution which I’m sure we will.

“I don’t think any ethnic group should lord it over any ethnic group. The southwest should not lord it over the north, the north should not lord it over the south. We should respect each other’s trade, geographical space, history, culture and more importantly the issue crime, murder all those things should be completely jettisoned.

“But more importantly we all have to sit on the table and discuss this matter and look for the way forward. I think everybody is willing to do that. From the National Assembly, solutions will come from talking.

“I believe that now that we are about to start work on Tuesday, I know these issues will come up and adequate and proper legislation that will address the issue frontally and in the best interest of the country, and all nations that make up the nation such legislation will be put in place.”

On the discussion with President Buhari, the Speaker affirmed that it was on the state of the nation, adding: “We had a fruitful interesting discussion.”

Gbajabiamila, who also spoke on the recent appointment of service chiefs, pointed out that it was what had been long anticipated.

He stated: “The appointment of new service chiefs is what everybody has been clamouring for, the House, Senate, the public and the president took his time and he studied the situation very well and did it at the right time that he thought he should do it and we are in support of what he has done.”

He assured that the National Assembly would give the new military helmsmen all the support required, saying: “Everything that is needed, we are all in this today. The National Assembly will not in any way put hurdles before the service chiefs. We will work the working environment suitable for them to able to discharge their responsibilities very efficiently.”

Also speaking on the ongoing registration and revalidation of APC membership, he urged all members to participate in the exercise.

He said: “I will encourage all party members, those who are not even party members who have not registered before, those who have attained the each of 18, those who have seen the good works of Mr President and this party to come in and join the fold and register.

“So that come 2023, you know politics is about numbers, they can pick whoever they want to elect to represent them as a party flag bearer.

“Don’t forget registration serves a dual purpose, one is for primary and the second one is for election. You have to take ownership of the party and that is what we are asking people to do.”


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