Eyes on the Ball: Dr Onyinyechi Rufus-Obi’s sure-footed march to the House of Reps

By Kelechi C. Ogbamgba

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 The desire to serve always propel the chivalrous to aim for the peak. This, no doubt, aptly captures the quest of Dr Onyinyechi Rufus-Obi to offer herself as the mouthpiece of her people whom she loves dearly.
For some obvious reasons, Isuikwuato/Umunneochi Federal Constituency, her community, in Abia state has been in the first burner of political discourse. This is not unconnected with the emergence of Dr. Onyinye Rufus-Obi, a formidable force in community service and visionary people-oriented activities, to represent her people at the centre.

Initially, it did not create that frenzy until analysts began to throw searchlight on her capacity for delivery, selflessness and burning desire to change the narrative and bring about the welfare of her constituents.

Without prevarication, the incumbent legislator representing Isuikwuato/Umunneochi constituency, Nkeiru Chidubem Onyejeocha, is a ranking member of the House of Representatives. She has been representing the Federal Constituency since 2007 and has done four straight terms back-to-back. She has played her part. It is high time a servant-leader with fresh ideas is given the mandate to represent the people in the House of Representatives.

It is not a mere cliche to state that one should quit when the ovation is highest. Realizing that the Isuikwuato/Umunneochi Federal Constituency is blessed with great sons and daughters that can make strategic difference in the lives of the people, observers wonder why the incumbent has not considered it auspicious, at this time, to quit and give others the opportunity to bring their fresh ideas to bear in development and transformation of the constituency.

Besides, analysts believe that having been in the Green Chamber for 16 years, the constituency cannot boast much of federal presence while Isuikwuato has merely been used by Onyejeocha as a canon fodder to rise to prominence only to be dispensed with as soon as the election is over.

A look at Isuikwuato will show that most of the projects there are carried out by the communities themselves and this creates a sense of disillusionment. Evidently, Isuikwuato has remained abandoned and left to suffer poor representation at the federal level. It is obvious that the community has merely provided launching pad for some opportunistic politicians who capitalize on the people’s peaceful disposition to feather their own nets.

This is why the emergence of Dr Onyinyechi Rufus-Obi into the scene, after much persuasion, is creating serious waves especially because of her reach, network, political sagacity and leadership craftsmanship.
Dr Onyinyechi Rufus-Obi’s mere expression of interest is already creating tremendous excitement amongst the beleaguered constituents. It is believed that she is the right political material to salvage an already marginalized constituency.
Onyejeocha has overstayed at the House and should give way for others with brighter ideas to change the welfare of the people. Nobody can do it better at this time than Dr Onyinyechi Rufus-Obi because of her array of network and capacity to deliver.

No matter the political platform she uses, the people of Isuikwuato are determined to reciprocate her goodwill to vote their own and bring the needed change to the local government.

Dr Onyinye Kay is the daughter of the late Rufus Obi, a Pharmacist and God Chairman of the popular Rufus Obi Chemist in Aba. He was a well known figure who played prominent role in the move for the creation of Abia state.

Rufus Obi, was a towering figure and a selfless personality whose achievements in the state rings volume many years after his demise. Without doubt, a chip off the old block as she took after the father. Any wonder that the chieftaincy title recently conferred on her had the appropriate sobriquet of ‘Omekannaya 1,’ a tag that rightly fits.

“My late father, a renowned Pharmacist, Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and Fellow Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria hosted the inaugural meeting for the creation of Abia state and was one of the two people that first contributed N500,000 for the creation of Abia State University and he also contributed for the construction of the Imo Airport

Meet Dr Onyinyechi Rufus-Obi

Dr. Onyinye Kay Rufus-Obi is the Managing Director and CEO of Ureccon Ltd and Home Essentials Ltd and sits on the board of several companies including Mogjan Nig Ltd, which is executing the security of the railways in Nigeria and Rufus Obi Chemists & Co Ltd, a 48-year-old pharmaceutical company that was owned by her late father, an Oxford University graduate and trained Pharmacist – Rufus U. Obi. She is a seasoned Optometrist from the prestigious University of Benin, Nigeria.

She had her Masters degree from London Graduate School

Dr Onyinye Kay Rufus-Obi is an astute and experienced business gold fingered mogul and Entrepreneur, who works tirelessly to fuel developmental progress through her extensive work with the people in authority and leaders in government. She has since successfully executed projects that served as catalysts for great developmental strides in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Amazingly, she is currently working on providing security on the newly established railroad lines across Nigeria to solve the problem of vandalism and threat to lives and property on the railways. She is a kind hearted philanthropist and kingdom financier whose life’s missions is to empower less privileged communities. Her works and interventions have assisted thousands in improving on their standards of living.

In 2019, she was appointed the Executive Special Assistant Finance to the Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). She aided the agency in the enrichment of the oil producing Niger Delta region of Nigeria in ways too numerous to mention and got a lot of projects injected into the NDDC budget for Abia State with special emphasis on Isuikwuato Local Government Area for three consecutive years.

She is indeed an icon. A daughter of Zion with tremendous, in-born love for her people. Above all, she is a very devoted and dedicated mother to her children.

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