Commissioner lauds maturity of Kwara Govt in demolishing ‘derelict’ Saraki library

Emmanuel Kehinde, Ilorin

Kwara State Commissioner for Enterprise Hajia Arinola Lawal commended the APC-led Ilorin West local government TIC for its investments in human capital development and its maturity in wanting to rename the library under renovation after the late Olusola Saraki.

“The rebuilding and expansion of the derelict library owned by the local government is very laudable. Especially commendable and exemplary is the large-heartedness of the APC administration to retain the name of Saraki on the edifice. This is more so when Senator Bukola Saraki and his late father did not extend such humanity and courtesy to my late father when they took over in 2003,” Hajia Arinola, who is a daughter of the late former Governor, said in a statement on Thursday.

“One recalls that Saraki removed everything Lawal from all government’s properties when they took over the rein of government in 2003. It is an irony of fate to hear the same person who embodies vindictiveness to want to bring down the roof just because the local government wanted to renovate a facility that belongs to the public but was just named after his father. But one is glad to be alive to witness history and even more significant to the course of history is the magnanimity of the APC administration not to toe that horrible path.”

The Commissioner was reacting to the recent demolition of a decrepit public library owned by Ilorin West Local Government but named after the late Saraki. Senator Bukola Saraki and his sister have both criticized the move, even though the local government authority has said they are still keeping the name of their father as a matter of honour.


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