Cogent Education provides students with sporting talents opportunity to school abroad

The United Kingdom and Nigerian-based education consultancy, Cogent Education Consults, is offering students who in addition to being intelligent and talented in sports, an opportunity to achieve both dreams in a conducive environment abroad.
The leading education consultancy company, stated this through its Chief Executive Officer, Gbubemi M . Boyo, from the company’s Lagos office on Monday, January 24, 2022. She reiterated the consultancy’s commitment to offering quality education anywhere in the world to Nigerian students.

According to Boyo, “Cogent Education Consultancy provides counselling and application services for international students wishing to study at colleges and universities around the world. We understand that some of these intelligent students are also gifted in athleticism which means asking them to abandon their talent for education sometimes affects the total experience of schooling abroad.

“So, we came up with the idea of helping them get admissions into schools that are pro-sports in activities. This strategy has seen the surge of applicants who play basketball, football, lawn tennis, and other sports applying. Some of these schools would even offer admissions because a student is into one sport or the other.

“Cogent Education Consultants has a team of highly experienced professionals in education counselling, student placements into various institutions abroad, visa counselling, and international student support services. We assist students to find a place at a university that is right for them,” she concluded.

Cogent Education Consultants started assisting Nigerian students to access quality education on May 8, 2019. So many students have graduated from various schools in different parts of the world after going through Cogent Education Consultants.

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