Chimamanda Adichie pens emotional tribute after losing her mother


Chimamanda Adichie has penned an emotional tribute to her late mother on Instagram, this comes months after she lost her father.

“How Does A Heart Break Twice?,” she captioned her Instagram post, which included two pictures of her and her mum, as well as a heartfelt letter.

In the post, she laments the loss of her mother so soon after her father, and on his birthday too. She describes her as “smart, quick-witted, funny, warm, and loving” and further went on to write about how she died. She wrote:

On Saturday her driver drove her to Mass. Sunday evening she was unwell. She was taken to a private hospital in Awka. We were worried, but a few hours later, she was better, sitting up, eating rice. On the phone, I told her. “We love you, Mummy, try and rest.”

The next morning, the doctor sent an update to say she was doing even better. But moments later, he took the sudden bewildering decision to transfer her to the Teaching Hospital, she was hastily moved. He claimed the Teaching Hospital had better facilities. “Do my children know I’m being transferred?” she said to have asked. Two hours after, she arrived at the Teaching Hospital, she died. It was March 1st, my father’s birthday.

Chimamanda Adichie’s father, Professor James Nwoye Adichie, died on Wednesday June 10, 2020. After his death, She wrote about the grief of losing a dearly beloved parent, how raw the pain is, and the frustrations of being stuck in the US, unable to travel to Nigeria due to COVID-related restrictions. She also shares loving memories of her time with him. She wrote:

“Grief is a cruel kind of education. You learn how ungentle mourning can be, how full of anger. You learn that your side muscles will ache painfully from days of crying. You learn how glib condolences can feel.”


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