Calabar completely stands still for ‘Obidients’ rally

Calabar metropolis is totally on lockdown following the Labour Party campaign rally going on in support of the party’s presidential candidate Mr Peter Obi and his running mate, Mr Datti Yusuf.


The Frontier reports that, there is a massive turnout of participants, who converge on different parts of the capital city of Cross River State in the early hours of today, now advancing into the heart of the town, singing, dancing and with chants of “Obi! Obi!”


Speaking to our correspondent, one of the lead organisers of the rally, Mr. Richard Inoyo said:


“Calabar is for Obi. The ethicists and thought leaders, we have done our job to have an obidiently crowded state. Day before yesterday on a three hours radio program, after I was done talking, I knew the whole place will go up today in flames.


“The calls were overwhelming. APC and PDP are in hot pepper soup. In Cross River State there is a standstill. They know that Labour (Party) is winning the presidential votes. We’ve shutdown the entire highway. Tinubu and Atiku will be wasting their money campaigning in Calabar.”


Recall that similar rallies were held on Saturday, Nigeria’s 62nd Independence Day, simultaneously across the country.



(The Frontier)

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