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Buhari’s body language emboldening Fulani jihadists – Rights group

The Centre for Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Crusade (CHURAC) has said President Muhammadu Buhari’s body language is emboldening Fulani Jihadist in their continued genocidal attacks on farming communities on whose lands they rear animals.

CHURAC’s National President, Cleric E. Alaowei, Esq spoke in a statement signed and made available to newsmen.

He said, “It has gotten to the point where the beleaguered communities have to resist them with any means necessary.”

Alaowei warned that “If such situation arises, we fear that the Rwanda ethnic genocide will rear its ugly face in Nigeria.

‘Those out to destroy my govt will be dealt with’ – Buhari

“To avert the looming holocaust which evil breeze will sure give us another tail of bitter history, President Buhari should immediately call the herdsmen who call themselves Fulani Jihadists to order immediately.

“Those agitating for secession from the country are being provoked to take such ventures of last resort simply because of the cynical disposition of the federal government towards the activities of the criminal herders.

“Instead of Buhari to initiate friendly policies of national unity and to tackle these Fulani invaders/land grabbers, he threatened to deal with the entire South East region or rather the IPOB members by calling them a Dot in the Circle.

“The government’s threat of war will not stop the agitations, except he addresses the issues as a father showing love to all Nigerians.

“Since the government appears to be gloating over the herdsmen’s brigandage, these harbingers of death now feel that Nigeria is their forefather’s estate.

Buhari orders Army, Police to treat bandits in language they understand
“We are not surprised that some faceless Fulani Jihadists have taken advantage of the government’s seeming lukewarmness to issue a statement, threatening to attack Delta State if Governor Okowa did not revise the decision of the Southern governors’ forum. What impudence? Is this not provocative?

“We’re only surprised that in spite of the attendant responses from militants groups as well as other ethnic militia bodies in the state which have heightened tension in the Niger Delta region, the Federal Government has not deemed it necessary to issue a statement condemning the unprovoked threats of violence against Delta State by the Fulani Jihadists. Would the Government have maintained the same dignified silence if it were Delta people had threatened to attack the Fulani Herdmen in the State?

“President Buhari should see himself as a President of the Country.

“The moment the citizens feel that their lives are no longer secure by the Government, self-help becomes rife.

“We cannot afford to have a repetition of the 1967 episodes at this point of our existence. We need peace and that peace can only come when there’s equity and fair play.”


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