Apple issues serious warning to all iPhone users

Apple last week released iOS 14.6, a seemingly minor update without all of the bells and whistles that accompanied the iOS 14.5 release in late April. Still, the latest iOS update has numerous security fixes, which is to say that you’d be well advised to update your iPhone immediately, even if your device is already running smoothly.

All told, iOS 14.6 contains 43 security vulnerabilities, with a few of them warranting serious attention. According to an Apple support document, the update addresses a handful of security vulnerabilities that could enable a malicious actor to remotely execute code on a device.

As security expert Sean Wright told Forbes, the security flaws addressed by the latest iOS update are “pretty much as bad as it gets.”

While there’s no indication that any of the security issues Apple listed were actively exploited in the wild, it only makes sense to update your device as soon as possible. As a point of interest, Apple notes that a few of the flaws were unearthed by security researchers working for Trend Micro, a multi-national cybersecurity company.



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