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Anger, outrage as governor appoints 47 media aides

Governor Ahmadu Fintiri of Adamawa State has announced the appointment of 47 media aides.


He made the announcement in a tweet yesterday evening.


The governor expressed confidence that the team would serve the people effectively.


The statement reads; “I’m pleased to announce the appointment of the following members to constitute my media team:


Special Advisers:


1. Dr. John Ngamsa – Special Adviser Media and Strategy


2. Babayola Tongo – Special Adviser Media


Senior Special Assistants:


1. George Kushi – Senior Special Assistant Media and Publicity


2. Ijafiya Domiya – SSA Digital and Visual Communication


3. Sherif Alhassan – SSA Electronic Media


4. Muhammed Tukur – SSA New Media


5. Nurudeen Kama – SSA New Media


6. Pius Iliya – SSA New Media


7. Awal Hamza- SSA New Media


8. Thomas Terry – SSA Visuals (Photography)


9. Barrister Sunday Wugirah – SSA Public Affairs


10. Victor Dogo – SSA Social Mobilization


Special Assistants Social Media and Content Creation:


1. Mohammed Faisal


2. Miracle Musa


3. Abubakar Idris


4. Nafiu Abubakar


5. Prince Solomon Yakubu Tumba


6. Abdullahi Damare


7. Vandi Yusuf


8. Emmanuel Tumba


9. Jonathan Jude


10. Auwal Hamza


11. Jamila Tanko


12. Mohammed Rayan Yunuda


13. Paul Barnabas


14. Suleiman Garga


15. Zailani Abba Kawu


16. Elijah Sambo


17. Benan Wyclif


18. Nasir Kasim


19. Wali Ibrahim Facebook


20. Mamse Adamu


21. Muhammed Girei


22. Sani Garta


23. Emmanuel Lakami


24. Ibrahim Assad


25. Musa Elson


26. Hierarchy Harold


27. Micah Simon Tihze


28. Jameel Kolere


29. Joan Daniel


30. Jibril Musa


31. Halima Bala


32. Nacha Waziri


33. Ahmadu Hamidu


34. Ijabani Ijahu


35. Hamanbello Idris Special Assistant (Master Of Ceremony Government Events).


Meanwhile, anger has trailed the governor’s announcement.


Taking to the comment section of the tweet, tweeps criticized Fintiri for appointing such number into his media team alone.


Tweeting via @sire_sommy, one Somto Anaerobic said: “47-man media team? Even Nollywood cast no reach like this!”


@Diadribs wrote: “I was scrolling down to see the end of the list 😂”


@amudaDewale said: “How do you plan to reduce cost of governance with so much advisers on media only. Will they be operating Adamawa radio station or th station cos why do you need about 50 ppl? Haba”


@NwagweEverest wrote: “Maybe this man wants to open a media production company to rival Universal Studios.”


@iam_bussie said: “So you are Soo clueless you need 47 persons to handle your media department. At a time we are asking for trimming in cost of governance.Wahalai it can never be well with you people thinking you can use government coffers as a means to reward people.”


@leeyah2k wrote: “I will never understand this because this crew is highly unneeded 🤣😭😭”


@theamazaing_ama said: “This guy’s media team is larger than Zikoko, TechCabal & Stears put together with no prospect of generating revenue 😭”


@Chydee wrote: “Lmfaoooooooo. The fact that he has all these people in his media team, and they still thought it was a good idea to post this means that they’re all grossly incompetent. Na that one pain me pass 😂😂😂😂”


@OjiUgo_uwa: “These people in government are not interested in cutting down the cost of governance. I mean why does a state Governor need 2 Special Advisers, 10 senior special Assistants and 35 special assistants on social media kini kan 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️”


@okekecc: “Sir, you missed out some names, it should have been 100 appointees.”


@viqforlan: “Let’s say you even appointed 47 media aides, announcing it on Twitter shows you’re not reading the room or feeling the pulse of the nation. It’s really a shame. You fell off.”


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