An open letter to Prof Charles Soludo, incoming Anambra Governor, By Victor Anazonwu

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Dear Prof. Soludo,
Greetings and best wishes to you and yours for the year 2022, and your impending tenure as Anambra State Governor.
I am not looking for a job in your cabinet. By the grace of God, I do not need it. The Almighty has given me everything I ever prayed for and much more. Although I am not rich by prevailing standards, I am well able to pick my bills, even with a little surplus. More importantly, I am content with my station in life and aspire to no further titles, positions or material means in this lifetime. My estate is well. In fact, I consider myself over blessed.
I will however be well disposed to helping you achieve a monumental leap in the fortunes of our people, the people of Anambra State, by adding a unique value to your team if invited. My instincts tell me that you are a man chosen for an uncommon purpose at this time. And as a student of both history and cosmology, it will be a privilege for me to play a small part in the realization of that purpose.
Here is my offer: To be appointed to man the Office of the Citizen. This office, the first of its kind in Nigeria, would be responsible for holding a mirror in front of you, the Governor (& the cabinet) daily so that you can see the stark realities of what the people feel and say about your government.
It will be a regular and unrelenting reality check. There will be no grooming, make-up or costuming session allowed for you or any member of your cabinet in the work of this Office. We will give you bluntly, as a duty, the good, the bad and the ugly sides of reality.
The sole purpose is to keep you humble and your feet grounded so that you do not miss your way once ensconced in the cocoon of power. Or lose touch with the common folks. Or lose sight of the street view – as many leaders worldwide are wont to. By playing this role faithfully, we hope to give you the best possible chance of delivering a tenure with great human impact; a shining example for other sub-national units around the country, Africa and the world.
Given the sensitive nature of the role, I will be happy to write, sign and hand in to you in advance, a letter of resignation. Only the date will be blank, to be inserted when the need arises. That way, you will be free to fire me without administrative encumbrances if the experiment does not go well in your view. I promise to pack a bag and keep it permanently by the door for an easy exit.
Prof, this is the only office in which I have any interest whatsoever today. Please give the other portfolios to the best people you may possibly find for each role. I do not need or crave any “juicy” ministry.
As for my antecedents and reason why you should trust me, I would most humbly request Your Excellency to Google up my name and digital footprint as well as conduct a discreet private search. As a proven research scholar, I am certain that whatever you dig up of my past and character would be more accurate and useful in helping you decide than a photoshopped CV – or even a written submission. And, by the way, I believe you need men and women of character, competence and courage in your cabinet, NOT men and women of letters.
If you have the courage to face the mirror naked every morning, please give me a call. We can discuss further details. If not, I wish you the very best still with all my heart. For all our sakes and for the sake of our children, I earnestly hope that you not only succeed but excel in your new role. Too much is riding on it for our state and country. God be with you, Prof. You need Him now more than ever before.
Victor Anazonwu, 20/01/22
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