Abia 2023 Guber: Apostle Dr Johnson-Ogbuneke’s determination to walk her talk in rescue mission

As the pendulum swings steadily to the 2023 gubernatorial poll in Abia State, opposition political gladiators are poised to a rescue mission.


They have a lot to contend for realizing the rot and misgovernance that have been unleashed on the state. Particularly worrisome to Abians is the infrastructural decay and the outstanding huge arrears of salaries and pensions for public servants.


The institutions that have been worse hit include the Abia State University Teaching Hospital, Aba, which have been shut down by workers over 22 months salary arrears and Abia State Polytechnic, Aba, whose workers are owed 31 months salaries arrears.


Workers of Abia State College of Education (Technical) Arochukwu are not left out in the governance perfidy; they are being owed 33 months and Health Management Board employees are owed 33 months salaries.


It is against this backdrop that the candidacy of Apostle Dr. Ngozika Gladys Johnson-Ogbuneke becomes imperative as she is determined to make a huge difference to rescue the state from abysmal slide down the political precipice.


She is determined to pursue a policy of industrialisation to sustainably create jobs in order to reduce the alarming unemployment rate in the state, address the infrastructural decay and give a sense of hope to the beleaguered Abia civil servants and citizenry.


Apostle Dr Johnson-Ogbuneke also plans to prioritize the revival and growth of the economy of the state by reviving the industrial revolution of Aba and open the window for more economic development of the other areas of the State.


Apostle Dr Johnson-Ogbuneke is an experienced, passionate, patriotic and conscientious daughter of Abia State who has stepped forward to demonstrate what true governance should be.


Applying the same meticulous and compassionate procedure medical practitioners deploy in handling patients and backed by her experience as a human rights lawyer, she has promised to put Abia on the pedestals of progress within 24 months of being sworn in as the next Governor of Abia State.


As an ordained minister of God, she is determined to walk her talk in instilling good and egalitarian governance in the state. Leadership, for her, is by personal example.


To her, everyone matters. Abia must burst forth in all known indices of social and economic development.


A vote for her and her political party, the Social Democratic Party (SDP), would translate to a vote for an administration with a human face, accountability, competence, capacity, courage to serve with transparency and fear of God.




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