2023 Guber: Trust me with your votes, Apostle Dr Johnson-Ogbuneke urges Abia electorate

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The Social Democratic Party (SDP) governorship candidate for Abia State, Apostle Dr Ngozika Johnson-Ogbuneke has extended a broad-based invitation to the state electorate.
Dr Ngozika Johnson-Ogbuneke, a frontline candidate for the rescue mission for Abia made the expression in a statement on Tuesday.
In a statement yesterday, her media office said: “Ndi Abia, permit me to introduce to you a courageous, intelligent, dedicated, humble, professionally-poised, and God-fearing leader; a leader with sound integrity and first-class intellect; a leader who boldly stands up for what is right; a leader who believes that there is no deficit in human resources in Abia, but deficit in human will; a leader who strongly believes that freedom and justice cannot be parceled out in pieces to suit political convenience of the few; a leader who does not believe in dealing with branding, but in dealing with facts and truths.
“Here comes a woman of God* who believes that life is not qualified by affluence, branded clothes, or rich life style, rather life is measured by the number of faces who smile when they hear your name.
“Here comes that woman Apostle Dr Ngozika Gladys Johnson-Ogbuneke*.
“Abians, let us vote for Apostle Dr Ngozika Gladys Johnson-Ogbuneke* as the Next Governor of Abia State, come 2023 on the platform of *Social Democratic Party (SDP).
“She has promised and keeps reiterating her promise to transform Abia State within *24 months*, beyond the imagination of men.
“Apostle Dr Ngozika* is an epiphany of an Answered Prayer, for Ndi Abia in this 2023. We can’t afford to miss this opportunity.”
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  1. God will surely make it happen come 2023 guber polls. You are indeed a woman of your words and trust me you gonna be the next governor of Abia state come this 2023.

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