2023: Embrace the vision of a new nation, Mazi Ohuabunwa implores Nigerians

Presidential aspirant and convener of New Nigeria, Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, has call on Nigerians of all tribes to dump the expiring old Nigeria and embrace the New Nigeria of peace and progress in 2023.

Ohuabunwa who stated this at Diplamatic Convenant Church, Ikeja, Lagos over the weekend said that its no longer news that the misery index for Nigeria is over 50% ;which means that over 50% of our country men and women are living in misery.

He therefore maintained that Nigerians should put their hands on the deck, so that we can move from an old Nigeria of corruption, poverty and injustice to a new Nigeria, saying the old Nigeria is a place of misery and affliction which we no longer want from all intent and purpose.

Speaking at the launching and dedication ceremony graced by top men of God, namely Rev (Dr) John Kome, Mrs. Benson Idahosa, Rev Chinedu Darlington, Pastor Agoda etc the Presidential hopeful said that the old Nigeria is not working except for a few minority which is not good enough.

He contended that Nigeria is one of the most blessed countries in the World and that its poverty is because of man’s inhumanity to man, saying if Nigerian leadership and followership should embrace the love of God and eschew greed and corruption that the future would be a paradise on earth.

According to him, the bid to contest for the presidential position in the forth coming presidential election in 2023 owes to his believe that a new Nigeria is possible and doable as the old Nigeria is on its death rattle.

He therefore called on all Nigerians of good conscience and patriots to rise to the clarion call for the renewal of our nation in the overall interest of our people and the World.

Ohuabunwa,who is the current President of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria(PSN) says he aims to lead Nigeria from the morass of old Nigeria of affliction to a new Nigeria of development, from a third world nation to a first world nation.

Dr Kome in his sermon maintains that no matter how great we are we all need divine help and guidance to succeed in life and therefore he urge Nigerians to pray and work in faith to ensure that they make the world a better place in their overall interest.

Thereby hinting that God expects us to fulfil our purpose on earth, even as we also fulfil our spiritual requirements, adding that we all have roles to play to end the shedding of innocent blood in Nigeria by changing bad leaders for ones that will bring development

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