Korra Obidi berates ex-husband over claims she staged her attack for clout

Nigerian dancer, Anita Obidi, popularly known as Korra Obidi, has reacted to her estranged husband, Justin Dean’s claims that she staged the attack on her for clout.


Recall that the singer, in a video shared on her Instagram account on Thursday, stated that she suffered a knife and acid attack while in the middle of a livestream in the United Kingdom.


After the incident, Dean’s in a post on Instagram wrote: “A common tactic amongst celebrities to stay relevant is to stage robberies, assaults, or anything else to drum up the views. This has gone too far,” reports Vanguard.


Fans speculated that Dean’s post was aimed at his ex-wife.


Responding in a video message posted on her Instagram account on Friday, Obidi clarified that she “escaped with the best possible scenario,” stating that her attack was not a publicity stunt.


She wrote: “I understand that there are a lot of artists who had in the past tried to create scenarios like this for clout chasing, but I promise you I’m not one of them.


“I don’t need that kind of clout. It’s not that deep for me, I just want to sing and dance. What happened yesterday, I escaped with the best possible scenario.


“I had a whole bottle of acid on my face. I escaped by holding onto the knife and still have few bruises. I’ve scars from the knife. I’m glad this was live, and there is ample evidence,” she added.


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