FCT in crisis of COVID-19 second wave, says Dr. Okechukwu, Director of Public Health

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) is presently in crisis of Coronavirus (COVID-19) second wave as cases is getting alarming, it was learnt at the weekend.

Director Public Health and Human Services Secretariat, FCT Administration, Dr. Josephine Okechukwu, disclosed this through a video which she sheared on social media.

Okechukwu, came down with COVID-19 on December 3, 2020 and was discharged from a treatment centre within Abuja on December 19, 2020.

The doctor who is in charge of those treating COVID-19 carriers expressed worries that the cases in the FCT is getting alarming and may result to disaster if the spread of COVID-19 is not curbed in the nation’s capital.

Giving the break down of the cases, Dr. Okechukwu said: “In Nigeria especially in FCT, we were part of the states that had overwhelming number of cases. When we had our first wave we noticed that the pick was in July, 2020.

“In that July we identified a total of 1, 940 cases of confirmed COVID-19. That was our pick. Suddenly, the cases went down.

“Now we are in the second wave. In November, we identified 717 cases of COVID-19. But now in December as at 18 of this month we have identified a total of 2, 462 cases of COVID-19. Within 18 days we recorded or we confirmed a total of 2, 462 cases of COVID-19.″

From the FCT data Okechukwu said 73 percent of the cases are those who are spreading the COVID-19 pandemic without knowing.

Her words: “I am a COVID survivor. I came down with COVID on the December 3, 2020 and I was just discharged from the treatment centre today.



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