2023: Give us your wealth in the North in exchange for Presidency — Prof Yusuf tells Igbo


President Muhammadu Buhari’s kinsman, and former Executive Secretary of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Prof Usman Yusuf, has said allegations claiming the Fulanis own Nigeria are false. He said unlike the Fulani, Igbos have a presence across the country, owning lands and exotic landed properties in the North, something he said Fulanis would not be allowed to own in the Southeast.

He also said the fact that a Fulani man occupies the Villa, does not translate to owning the country. He then suggested that the Fulani would be more than happy to exchange the presidency for all the material wealth Igbos own in the North.

Prof Yusuf made the comment in an interview with Daily Sun.

He said, “Which part of Nigeria do they (Fulani) own? Igbo people are richer than Fulani people; Yoruba people are also richer than Fulani people. There are more Igbo and Yoruba in federal civil service than Fulani. Does any Fulani own a bank, does any Fulani own a media house.

“Does any Fulani own a hotel; all the hotels in Abuja and land are owned by the Igbo; is Abuja Igbo land? Can Fulani own in the East what Igbo own in the North? No. If you have never been to the North, come and see the landed properties that the Igbo have, which the Fulani do not have and cannot have in Igbo land.

“Whoever that says Fulani man owns Nigeria, let him come and say how. Fulani man occupies Aso Rock, and so what? An Igbo man should come and occupy Aso Rock and give the Fulani all the material wealth he has in the North. That is nonsense. Igbo own all the hotels, they own banks, and Yoruba own the newspapers and banks, what do the Fulani own. It is just sentimental nonsense.

On concerns over comments by Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), to set up its own security outfit in all 36 states to protect their people across the country, Yusuf said the fear is due to ignorance not domination.


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  1. Where did he get his qualifications from? The property that Igbo people have in the North is through their ‘blood and sweat’, hard work! Igbo people are not afraid of going to ‘hard’ places and working till they succeed. They are the only tribe that will make investments in any part of Nigeria. The question the ‘professor’ should be asking himself is why his kith and kin do not make the same investment across Nigeria. With all the stolen money, and resources they have transferred from the South East they still have not developed the North!

    1. I am used to paying a lot attention to Professors whenever they write or address issues because they have analytical minds. However, I am highly disappointed at the reasoning of this Professor because he has not exhibited such high level of reasoning associated with Professors. I do hope that his Professorship was not gotten by quoter system.
      I say so because he failed to give example of anywhere in the world where people buy land, get all the title documents then develop them and at the end exchange such properties with the office of the president of country which is attained through election .
      The Prof also failed to give reasons why notwithstanding the fact that a Fulani man is occupying the office of the president, exhibiting unequaled level of nepotism, then his kinsmen still go and forcefully occupy other people’s forests (without either negotiation or payment). From there they go about with their cows destroying farmers’ crops,. As if that was not bad enough, they carry about AK47 guns without question, kidnap, rape women and go into banditry. (No northerner living in the town and carrying on his legitimate business in the South is frowned at.
      In the final analysis by what you have said, do you mean that the office of the president of Nigeria belongs to you so that if any Igbo man wants it, the region must exchange their properties for it.
      With due respect sir, your reasoning was not reasonable at all.

    2. How can somebody who said he is a professor reason like a child? To exchange people’s private properties for presidency. What did the Fulani exchange for occupying ASOROCK? I don’t think this man is a prof, so to say. Where were they when the Igbo are making their wealth, is it not better to make friends with the Igbo and tactically learn how they make their wealth nd make yours. Stop all these envy against the Igbo, despite the fact that they started with only £20 after the war. If they are not wanted in the country, then let them go and determine their affairs in their own country.

  2. It’s really unfortunate that a so called Professor will make such a stupid comment concerning the Igbo people. If I may ask you Prof Yusuf, have you at any time heard of Igbo people taking over lands in the north without buying it with their hard earned money? Unfortunately, a Fulani person, no matter his/her level of Education will still reason like the cattlemen! Stupid talk!

  3. This man must be taken seriously without mincing words he is telling you that they will unleash mayhem in the North to take over Igbo and Yoruba wealth in exchange for presidency. I know them. They speak in riddles. Don’t take him for academic professor. He is first a Fulani. They are cunning, deceptive and painstaking in planning. He is indirectly telling you what their plans are. Igbo and Yoruba people in the North should be careful and fast in their thinking. A word is enough for the wise.

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