War with Ukraine: China refused to support us – Russia cries out

Russia has said China wouldn’t support them with the stock of aircraft parts, CNN reports

Russia said China dismissed request to support them with aircraft parts as Moscow hopes to source parts following intense avionics sanctions from the U.S and other Western nations.

Russian Head of the Aircraft Airworthiness Department, at the Federal Air Transport Agency, Valery Kudinov, said there were around 70 aircraft in the Russian register before February ending.

According to him, the circumstance with the upkeep of aircraft and imports of spare parts is wanted to be settled, including through the re-export of components.

Kudinov added, “As far as I know … China refused,” adding that Russia would continue searching through other countries such as Turkey or India. “Each company will negotiate on its own,” Kudinov said.

It is no longer news that the world’s two greatest aircraft manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus, have both suspended supply of parts to Russian carriers over the invasion of Ukraine.

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