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Umuokogbuo Community establishes library, ICT center in its Town Hall

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In her concerted effort to enhance the academic and technological development of its people, the Umuokogbuo Community in Eluama, Isuikwuato Local Government Area of Abia State, has established a library and an ICT center in its Town Hall.
The Okogbuo Library, which was equipped and donated by their brothers and sisters in Diaspora, has both book and the computer sections.
The computer section of the library will serve as a training and learning centre as well as a business centre where people can transact their IT-based businesses.
The library will be handed formally launched during Okogbuo December Convention and will start operating from January, 2022.
The President-General of Umuokogbuo Development Union (UDU), Mr. Francis Udeagu, expressed deep appreciation to the donors for their kindheartedness and effort to lift the village from the nadir of rural dwelling to a modern community.
“I want to use this opportunity to thank our brothers and sisters in Diaspora. They have shown, in no small measure, that the progress of Umuokogbuo is their topmost priority.
“I am overwhelmed by this show of love for their community and my prayer is that God will continue to bless and protect them.”
Mr. Udeagu appealed to local residents in Umuokogbuo to take full advantage of the “wonderful gift,” adding that “the difference between something good and something better is learning. Education is the easiest way to build capacity an escape from poverty.”
He promised that the Okogbuo Library will also serve as a computer training centre for children in the Uporoto Community School.
Amongst other facilities, the library is also fully equipped with internet where people can access their mails and other business or training-related functions.
But he was quick to stress that the internet facility there is not for social media nor for fraudulent transactions.
He explained that in no distant future, a librarian would be appointed to manage the facilities.
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  1. Very very commendable, first of its kind in Isuikwuato. Very well equipped and will go a long way in improving the reading culture of our people. Kudos to the donors and may the good Lord continue to bless them.

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