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Train of Pastor Kumuyi’s evangelistic outreach moves to other nations as GCK is formally launched

The gospel crusade will reach a new crescendo as the renowned evangelist and Bible scholar, Pastor William F. Kumuyi, concludes plans to storm many countries with the revival message as part of his world evangelization outreach.

This forms the fulcrum of the Global Crusade with Kumuyi (GCK) which debuted in June 2021 in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.
He revealed that after covering some more states in Nigeria with the gospel crusade, he will launch out to Liberia, Togo, Ghana, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain and other nations of the world that are eagerly awaiting the GCK gospel campaign.
Kumuyi, who is also the convener of GCK, unearthed plans on Sunday during the formal launch of the GCK brand which held physically at his ongoing global crusade in Ikorodu, Lagos with the title ‘Total Emancipation through the Authority of Christ’ and virtually all over the world.
He explained that although he has visited many countries in Africa, Asia, North and South America, Europe and others with the gospel message, “we have been able to double the number where we have reached hitherto.”
He said: “Really, the reach is now global. What began as a mustard seed about a year ago with deepening roots, has spread far and wide and blossomed as we stand in awe of the mercy and insight of God.
“Based on statistics and analysis of our media streams, the GCK over the past year, has reached more than 150 countries with a monthly average of 40,000 to 150,000 and a virtual audience of over 3,000,000 people globally.”
On the success of the GCK since its debut, Kumuyi noted that over 200,000 people across the world have been saved and transformed during these crusades, adding that more than 30 million people have been impacted globally in the last year through the gospel campaign.
The well respected cleric stated that his driving force is to address the dilemma of man who remains helpless over the calamitous situation in the world.
“We live in a crisis-ridden world. In the midst of scientific and technological advancements, we are witnessing increasing economic, social, cultural, and ecological upheavals all of which impact negatively on the quality of life globally.
“People across the world are grappling with deep-seated emotional problems. Dependence on psycho-tropic drugs is on the rise. Suicide rate has spiked. It all has to do with the fallen nature of man.”
But to the international and inspirational Minister, there is hope in the horizon despite the social and moral malaise that has ravaged the world.
“While we appreciate and celebrate the strides that we have made guided by the skillful hands of human ability, we all yearn for something more. This was the mission and mandate of the Lord Jesus Christ to the world.
“It is the same mandate and mission that now drives me and has led to the birth of the GCK, proclaiming the gospel, and bringing reprieve and solace to a world gripped with amounting and seemingly unresolvable crisis.”
In his address during the launch, the chairman of GCK, Pastor Edison Daminabo, further gave a highlight into the reason that birthed the global gospel outreach project and why God choose Pastor W. F. Kumuyi to be the driving force.
According to Pastor Daminabo, “the world in which we live abhors good and righteousness. Evil is promoted above good. God looked for can who can revive the world. He found Pastor W.F. Kumuyi who has used GCK to torch the world.
“Kumuyi has built a brand that is global. He has ministered the word of God worldwide. GCK was birthed to change the world through Christ.”
Among the dignitaries that graced the occasion were Pastor Niran Seriki, the Deeper Life Bible Church (DLBC) National Overseer to Belgium; Pastor James Akpofure, National Overseer to the United Arab Emirates; Pastor Afuwape, Church Secretary; Pastor John Akinwande, Lagos Moderator and many other ministers including those who joined virtually.
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