Tinubu’s Presidency will revamp Nigeria’s economy, affect the masses positively – Ambassador Ajayi

Emmanuel Kehinde, Ilorin

A former President of All Nigerian American Congress (ANAC) Ambassador Amina Temitope Ajayi, aka Mama Diaspora, has said that the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, will revamp Nigeria’s economy after his inauguration.


She said as a business consultant, and foreign investors since the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) pronounced Asiwaju as the President-elect, many foreign investors have indicated to her, their readiness to invest in Nigeria.


She stated that the President-elect has administrative acumen, patriotic zeal, business wizardry, political dexterity and diplomatic finesse, to make Nigeria truly the ‘Giant of Africa.’


Chief Ajayi, who is one of the United Nation’s Eminent Peace Ambassadors, spoke to journalists on Wednesday in Lagos after she, and members of the Iconic AsiwajuWomen of Substance, organised a Ramadan lecture and prayers session with the Aseyori Islamic Foundation and the Lagos State with the Iman General, Nupe, Lagos State communities. The prayer was also to commemorate the President-elect’s 71st birthday anniversary.


Dignitaries that attended the prayer session included: Alhaji Mohammed Yahaya Patigi, Secretary Nupe Forum; Falilat Sheikh Alhaji Mohammed Idris Sapa, Chief Imam Nupe General Lagos State; Falilat Sheikh Alhaji Aminu Faki Awali Lafiagi; Chief Iman Faki Nupe General, Alhaji Mohammed Sode and Chairman Committee, Alhaji Abubakar Sabo Turesura.


She also said the women used the opportunity to feed over 5,000 people during this fasting period adding that they had fed thousands of people in the past few months.


Mama Diaspora, who is the Honorable Chair of the Global Connections for Women Foundation (GC4W), and the Conveyner of Iconic Asiwaju Women of Substance called on Nigerians to support the President-elect.


She said she was thankful to God that the elections went on well and that Nigeria has remained peaceful and united, adding that those were among their objectives for the prayer.


She also said the prayer was to support Asiwaju so that there will be a seamless transition of power to him and that God will be with his administration.


Chief Ajayi who is also the Ambassador of Goodwill for the State of Arkansas USA and to the World said, “This year, when I became Iya Adinni of Jamser, after that, I discovered that it is a big responsibility. Many alfas called me and came to my house for prayers for peaceful elections in Nigeria. Our major prayer for this year has been over Asiwaju. Over 6 groups have been coming to my house praying for the success of the past elections and peace in Nigeria.


“I was just in my house, I got a telephone call that they want to do Tasir in my compound for this Ramadan. We slated this prayer for Monday, we have been on it since last week.


“On Monday when I woke up, the Almighty Allah/God told me that I should do the prayer on Asiwaju’s birthday. We want to do it on Monday but God said No. Use it for three major things: fasting and prayer for the peace and unity of this country and thanking the Almighty Allah for a successful election. The Almighty God later asked me to add the birthday anniversary. So it was a confirmation when the President elect’s press statement conveyed Asiwaju’s directive that his birthday should be used for prayers. Asiwaju is in Mecca doing his Umrah there and God told us here that we should do prayers for him. When we saw the press statement, we became happier and said. ‘see this is what God want us to do as Asiwaju also wants prayers for his birthday.’ If not for Almighty Allah, who am I to say that I want to do prayers for him in my compound?


The President-elect’s call for prayers on his birthday shows that his election as the next President of Nigeria is divine. That is the power of the Almighty God that He chose him. The duty of Nigerians is to support him in our own little way, the way they do in America. The corporate body, the churches and mosques and rich people are the ones responsible for the welfare of the people under their Corporate Social Responsibilities.


“That is what I have been doing ever since I came to Nigeria because I am a foreign investor and every foreign investor, church or mosque, we should take it upon ourselves to assist the masses as we are the closest to them than the government.


“Asiwaju is in the Holy land right now praying to the Almighty God because of the crown that God has laid upon him, I believe that he will revamp Nigeria’s economy. We should support him and keep praying that what Asiwaju, the President-elect, has started, he will be able to manifest by the grace of Almighty God.


“His calling for prayer shows that he will be a God-fearing leader. The Prayers of the faithful availeth much. For the first time, I can see the light after the dark tunnel. I am seeing the silver linen after every dark cloud.”


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