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There’ll be anarchy in the land if Anti-open Grazing Bill is not enforced, says Kanu • ‘Nigeria dangerously skewed in favour of North’

The Former Nigeria Ambassador to Argentina and Second Republic member of the House of Representatives, Ambassador Empire Kanu, has stated that only equitable restructuring of Nigeria will end the growing agitation for self-determination.


He also warned that it won’t bode well if security agencies refuse to implement the anti-open grazing law passed by most Southern states.

He said the multiple security check-points across South East zone should be dismantled, adding that “let them withdraw and leave the states let’s see what will happen. They are causing nuisance. Let them withdraw so that states can put their local vigilante if necessary. It’s time to restructure. Nigerians should the restructuring movement, and if need be, self rule.

Speaking about self rule, he asked, “What is wrong with that? Why are there agitations here and there? It’s because the country is skewed in favour of the North. Nigeria is dangerously skewed to favour the North. If there is equitable restructuring there will be no agitation for self determination in Nigeria.

“Look at the entire security architecture of the country now in the hands of a section of the North. Just one particular tribe controlling the security of over 250 tribes, is it fair? So, why won’t people seek self rule?

“If you talk of federal infrastructure, it is the same thing. They built railway in the North, built refinery in the North. This is the cause of the agitations. So, the reason for self determination by various groups is that they have seen that Nigeria does not want equity. A certain section of the country wants to impose on the rest of the country that it owns Nigeria.

“The constitution that Britain left for us was much better than what we have now. Then, the resources in your region were used to develop the region and little percentage paid to the centre. That was why there was healthy competition among regions then. Why do we have to change that? Then things were far better. Now, even if they don’t want to do anything, let them return Nigeria to what it was then,” he asked

He explained further that the ban by Southern governors on open grazing is workable, adding that “if the governors who are the Chief Security Officers in their respective states have unanimously said so, why won’t it work?”

He further asked: “Why is it not enforceable? It has to be put into action first and let them stop it let’s see. There will be anarchy in the country if it’s not enforced. Why would a lawful law passed by State Assemblies not be implemented? It has to be implemented. Most of Northerners are not even in support of open grazing. Most Northern governors are not in support of it at all. It’s only the few masterminds. The truth is that anyone opposing ant-open grazing law is the chief enemy of Nigeria,” he said.

Story adapted from Vanguard

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