The owners of Nigeria usually determine election outcome, voting doesn’t matter – Dele Momodu

Presidential aspirant, Dele Momodu, has spoken concerning election and party politics in Nigeria. During a recent interview with Chude, the media mogul claimed that the outcome of elections usually depends on the ‘owners’ of the country.

As Nigeria’s next general election draws nearer, politicians across the country have continued to express their thoughts about possible outcomes of the upcoming election.

Addressing the upcoming election, Chief Dele Momodu said, “I told Chief Falaye that I wanted him to pick Rilwanu Lukman as his running mate. However, Ridwan told me that the ‘owners’ of Nigeria had already decided the winner of the election. The lesson is that it is not about voting, and the lesson remains the same till today.

“You will know who will win the election after the two prominent political parties present their candidates. Any candidate apart from those two is a time-waster. The ‘owners’ of Nigeria usually determine the winner. I understand the game.”

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