The future of the nation’s democracy is in your hands — Obi tells Nigerians

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party and former governor Peter Obi, has reminded Nigerians that the future of the nation’s democracy remains in their resolve to hold unto and advance the very ideals on which a democratic nation is built.


In his message to mark Nigeria’s 2022 Democracy Day, Obi encouraged Nigerians not to stand aloof from the journey of nation building. He explained that for democracy to be sustained in the country, every Nigerian needs to play a part.


He reiterated how important it was for the nation to re-evaluate the leadership selection process to ensure that only most qualified and capable leaders are elected into office. He maintained that Nigeria needs visionary leadership now, than it had ever done, owing to the level of decay in the nation’s democracy.


“Our democratic existence is continually challenged by corruption, tribal and ethnic disunity, religious tension, poverty and inequality. We must not continue to allow these vices to foster among us as a people. The Nigeria of today is obviously a far cry from the dreams of our heroes of democracy. We must, now, all join hands to build the Nigeria of our dreams.


“The nation needs a unifier, to bring back the people together and rebuild our social cohesion. We need a leader, knowledgeable enough to lift Nigerians out of poverty, invest in the critical areas of development and place the country on the path of progress, to ensure that our national democracy is sustained,” Obi said.


Obi mentioned, in particular, how important the 2023 elections are to the survival of the nation. He encouraged Nigerians, especially youths, to be more actively involved in the electoral process by ensuring that they get their voters cards, so as not to be disenfranchised.


He wished Nigerians a happy Democracy Day.



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