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Storming of Sunday lgboho’s residence, a show of shame by DSS – Barrister Adeosun

Bolaji Omosanya, lbadan

A lawyer and human rights activist, Barrister Adeola Adeosun, has declared that the way the President Muhammadu Buhari administration is treating the case of the self-proclaimed freedom fighter, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, (Igboho) coupled with the manner in which the  Department of State Security (DSS), stormed his Soka, lbadan, Oyo State residence without using the same commitment to tackle Boko Haram and the menace some Fulani herdsmen, as discriminatory and a show of shame.

He said that Igboho, just like virtually everybody, is confronting the government because it has failed the people in many areas, especially, where security is concerned and that the trust reposed in those in power has been eroded.

According to him, although the use of maximum force is guaranteed by Section 138 of the Nigerian Constitution, a valid warrant of arrest has to be obtained before this could be enforced, adding that he doubted this was done prior the security operatives’ raiding of Igboho’s house and in the process destroying his property and carting away certain items.

He also said that this a flagrant abuse of power and that because the government  believes that it has the fire powder in its possession, it could harrass citizens anytime.

Barrister Adeosun opined that President Buhari has disappointed Nigerians by failing to provide adequate security for them and that when some Governors ran to him to come to their aid, he debarred them but rather to go and solve their problems themselves. He wondered how they could do this when all the security agencies are under the federal government.

Moreover, he said that at one time, the Nigerian Defense Minister said that the people should defend themselves, asking that “are they going do  it with stones or clothes.”

According to him, “even the Amotekun  created by Governors in the South West to me is a charade when attackers are holding AK 47 rifles compared to their Dane guns.

“Sunday lgboho has said in an interview that the charms that the DSS took belongs to him and that he uses them for his own protection and that the guns allegedly found in his house were not his, that the operatives should come out with the truth about them.

“We human rights activists know that activism is not a tea party and that anything can happen to us in the course of our fights with the government , he must beware.

“I wouldn’t advise him (Igboho) to give himself up to them but he must get  the services of competent Lawyers to fight his case and for the destruction of his property. They should have invited him in the first place before they did what they did,” Barrister Adeosun reiterated.




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