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State of Nation: Nigeria can fly again — Kumuyi declares

The Founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi, speaking on Sunday on the state of the nation declared Nigeria can fly again.

Kumuyi made the declaration while fielding questions from newsmen after a special Sunday Worship Service as part of the ongoing 6-day ‘Soaring Above’ Crusade in Abuja and for the 19 northern States via Zoom and other social media platforms.

He expressed hope that God is still interested in Nigeria, therefore urged Nigerians to stop the hate and killing of one another including the use of divisive utterances that could dampen the expected change.

He also counseled that Nigerians should not give up on their country but should believe that things will get better when they focus on God and do that which is expected of God from them by loving each other and making use of the resources God has blessed the nation with.

He said: “We thank the Lord for what the Lord has done, and doing this we are doing together, seeing the Lord rolling away problems that people did not think will easily be rolled away like that neither seeing the people who are lame walking, people deaf and dumb the Lord healing them, and things like that.

“What God does for an individual He does it for the family, and what He does for the community, and what he does for the community He can do for the country.

“The point is these people that received this divine touch they did not give up, did not think is all over, they knew that God can still do something, the country would have to adopt that same mindset, and know that whatever we are going through stop accusing this and accusing that while we are pointing accusing fingers we are trying to say let you be on you own and let me be on my own; let the East go and let the West go, and this one go.

“If we are thinking like that we will not expect the solution God wants to give us but when we have hope and we know yet we have gone through some deep waters things are going to change, our God has the possibility to make things change. I believe that we will fly again.

“And I believe and declare things will become better for our country, things are going to turnaround and we will still remain in life to enjoy the goodness of the Lord for our families and ourselves in the same country, and we are going to raise our heads and say this is my country, and God will do it and we will live to see the fulfillment.”

On the area of economic hardship, Nigerians are currently passing through the cleric said the nation should believe in the brains here and look inward for solutions to the current challenges, which is to make things conducive for them to take the nation out of the situation to the path of rapid economic growth.

“God has given us a mind, brain and also given us fertile ground, and said we should till the ground, cultivate and do things we ought to do, and whatever we sow is what we reap in the natural as well as in our interaction with each other.

“If we will do less of talking and less of fighting, and we put our energy into cultivation and production we have the brain.

“If you think of Nigerians almost in any nation in the West you find out that governments in those countries recognise those Nigerians who are there especially.

“And when you go to America you see one in the Senate, and that one is working along with the President and this one is doing that, we have the brains here instead of killing each other let us look inwards and make use of what we have for the benefit of the whole nation instead of having this brain-drain that goes to the West to lit those countries up, and here we are, let us make the place conducive so that those who are here can do their work,” he stated.

However, noting the report that Nigeria is now the world’s poverty headquarters despite the nation is rated a praying nation, he asserted that prayers can only be answered by God when there are positive talks and actions towards each other as citizens.

He said: “We are praying and if we are praying and criticizing, we have hatred for one another, in that environment prayer cannot work in an optimal and maximal way but if we understand and stop identifying this person is my enemy and problem, that tribe is the problem, and if we stop all that and just look up to God and love one another.

“And understand we came to this by some steps we are taking as individuals and leaders, we retrace our steps and we wish for the best so that we desire the fulfillment of the prayer we are praying.

“If I pray that God should give us peace and I come out and fighting against you and him I contradict my prayer.

“So being a praying nation is good we should also be practical, positive, the loving nation we know that it becomes compact with the prayer we are praying and God will do it.”



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