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Reposition youths for national socio-economic growth, development – IMPACT 2022

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Charting a new course for engagement of youths across Nigeria and beyond would play a critical role in boosting national socio-economic development.

This was the theme of the communique at the end of the five days of the IMPACT 2022 Youth Convocation convened by Pastor Dr. W. F. Kumuyi, General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DCLM) which ran its full course on Sunday January 09, 2022.

The Global Youth Convocation was held from 5th to 9th January 2022 at the Deeper Life International Conference Centre (DLCC) with the participants connecting at various centres in Nigeria and other nations of the world. A huge number participated virtually and globally.

The Convener, assisted by the International Youth influencers, industry leaders and other resource persons, addressed the youths on various social, economic, spiritual and other aspects of life.

At the end of the presentation, seminars and ministries, the Convocation identified some of the issues negatively affecting the youths in Nigeria and across the world.

The neglect of the youths, a critical and considerably predominant social demographic, and non-implementation of various policies propounded by governments and other entities, was also addressed.

Other fundamental issues that formed a focal point during the Convocation included the rapidly increasing instances of deviant culture among youths, decline in positive social role models.

*The treatment of youths as a monolithic entity without disaggregation according to age, education and professional classification by various government policies.

*The accelerated loss of moral values and decline in ethical standards in society , global economic crisis and high rates of youth unemployment and social media distorted worldviews etc. , leading to high moral decadence and anti –social and criminal act and dysfunctional societies.

*Inadequate platforms for the youths to express themselves in wholesome ways which make many to recourse to various anti-social and anti- state behaviour.

Based on the findings at the Impact 2022, the Convocation recommended that repositioning the youth is pivotal to the growth and development of our nation and the world at large.

To reposition the youths, the Convocation in its eight points communique at the end of the five days IMPACT 2022 youth programme, recommended that fundamental issues affecting teenagers, campus students and adults be prioritized by the government and other stakeholders.

It called for a comprehensive youth policy to be developed to address issues specify the various categories of youths and that the Transformation agenda of the government must characterize the IMPACT 2022 and similar youth-focused initiatives to address the ills in the world of youths.

Also, the communique called for closure of the void in the lives of youths, addressed by entrenching the civic, moral and ethical values in the educational curriculum.  It called on the government of nations to prioritize the identified youth-specific targets in the Agenda 2030 while the global community should specifically focus on youths in future global agenda.

Governments at all levels were urged to mainstream youth development initiatives, fund and implement more youth- focused intervention programmes. Also, that youths should be equipped with appropriate secular education, soft and life skills to prepare them for positive engagement   in formulating and implementing policies meant for their social category, while ensuring that periodic events like Impact 2022 should be encouraged as platform for re-engaging the youths, re-focusing their latent talents and energies , and so as to give them voice.

The Convocation also acknowledged and appreciated the vision, passion and commitment of the Convener of Impact 2022, and prayed for greater grace for him to continue driving the vision of redemption and re-orientation of the youths.

The convocation duly acknowledged a number of government initiatives devoted to the youths, such as the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YOU-WIN), Training Programme, (TVET), Youth Employment in Agriculture Programme (YEAP), the SURE-P) Technical Vocational Education, Graduate Internship Scheme (GIS) as well as N-Power, Government Economic Empowerment Programme (GEEP) and the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT).

In addition, the Nigerian government had reclassified youths as those between 15 and 29 years old, and passed as Not-Too-Young To –Run Law. It is also noted that although there are youth specific targets in a number of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals such as Goal 2 (Hunger) Goal 4 (Education) Goal 5 (Gender equality) among others, the global agenda should have devoted a more specific goal to youths.

Pastor W. F. Kumuyi, the convener of the Impact 2020 convocation, in his closing remark urged the participants to see themselves as the Eagle which soars higher than every other bird.

Addressing the participants as, “My own VIP,” Kumuyi said “as a Convener, the fundamental principle that will catalyze the molding of transformative, heavenly-minded and goal-oriented  youths is at the heart of organizing this epic event’

The eaglet that didn’t know her mother because but later discovered that it didn’t belong to the life of chicks.

“The Lord has added a kind of talent inside you. As the Eaglet, you don’t belong to the ground, you belong to the sky, and you will soar higher and higher. The mother Eagle will not give up, God will not give up on you.  When he made you, he made you special and he put something in you that will not be done in the world except you do it.”

Mrs Ibikun Awosika, former Chairman First Bank Nigeria, stated: “All I’m going to say is this, what you make of your life is your CHOICE. Every opportunity will be given to you, sometimes the world will not give you what you need, but if you know what you want , then you will have to fight for what you want to be , to be who you want to be.

“So indeed, you will know the truth and the truth of God that you know will set you free and those that know their God, the bible says that they shall be strong to do exploits. The exploits that you do is based on the extent to which you have invested in knowing God, understanding his power, his grace and his word. In HISword is every tool you need to work and to work for greatness because not a single one of you was sent to the world to be a piece of decoration.

“You were sent to make impacts, to impact other lives and change every space that you will occupy. God is a total picture , see this screen as a total picture, and cut into pieces, one piece of it is you whenever it is missing, there is a hole in the picture, which means the purpose of God cannot be accomplished without you accomplishing your own purpose.”

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