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Prepaid meters not upgraded by 2024 will cease to function

Kaduna Electric has notified its customers and by implication, all Nigerians that prepaid meters will have to be ‘rolled over’ before November 2024. Kaduna Electric is one of the electricity distribution companies (Discos) in Nigeria, reports New Telegraph.


The Head, Non-MD Metering, Kaduna Electric, Engineer Umar Adamu Gumel, in a Snapshot yesterday, explained how customers should upgrade their meters.


He stated in the snapshot that any meter not upgraded before November 2024 would become nonfunctional. He said the development was a worldwide matter and not restricted to Nigeria.


Gumel said: “This is to inform you about one worldwide development about prepaid meters, not in Kaduna Electric alone, not in Nigeria alone, but it is a worldwide affair. “STS Standard meters will have what they call roll-over by Nov 2024. So every meter has to be upgraded to a certain value of standard before that date, other- wise, any meter that had failed to receive that upgrade-talking will cease to operate by November 2024.


“The implication is that that meter can never work and it can never be used, so it has been turned as a loss,” he added.


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