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Police promotion bribery scandal: Commission calls for evidence, vows to deal with culprits

The Police Service Commission, PSC, has said that anyone with evidence on the allegation showing that some officers of the commission and the Nigerian Police Force, collected bribes of $10,000 to facilitate promotions of police personnel, should make such evidence available to a panel of investigation it has set up on the issue.


The PSC also vowed that anyone found culpable of partaking in the act will be dealt with in line with the laws of the land.


It urged officers, aggrieved over issues of promotion to avail themselves of the investigative panel and come forward with proof that could aid the investigation.


PSC in a statement by Head, Press and Public Relations, Mr. Ikechukwu Ani said: “The attention of PSC has been drawn to media publication on the allegation.


“According to the story, a nebulous group parading as aggrieved Officers of the Nigeria Police Force alleged that the commission gave special promotions to junior officers above senior ones after allegedly collecting bribe of a sum of $10,000.


“The said aggrieved officers in a statement by one Mr. Chijioke Okonkwo (no rank indicated) on behalf of other officers “urged the Presidency to probe the corrupt practices in the Police Force.


“The commission wishes to state that it does not sell promotions in the Force and will not start now when a deliberate effort is being made to reposition and reinvigorate the Force, especially with the assumption of duty of Dr. Solomon Arase as Chairman of the commission.


“As at the time of this statement, the commission has not formally received any formal petition or complaint on this allegation.


“The said Mr.Chijioke Okonkwo, who posed and signed off on behalf of other officers forgot that he is a serving Police Officer and did not indicate his rank.


“He forgot the line of communication for officers of the Force which also guides the public service.


“The commission states that anyone with evidence on these allegations should, as a matter of urgency, forward same to the commission as anyone found culpable will be dealt with in line with the laws of the land.


“That the commission has also set up a panel of investigation, comprising of members of the commission and that of the Force to investigate these allegations.


“Aggrieved officers should avail themselves of the investigative panel and come forward with substantiated proof that could aid the investigation.


“The commission insists that those found wanting in the course of investigation will face the full wrath of the law.


“However, the commission warns that it will not tolerate any frivolous and fictitious media claims as officers and men of the police should be abreast and conversant with approved lines of communication.


“The commission directs the Police to fish out the true identity of the said Mr. Chijioke Okonkwo for interrogation.”




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