Peter Obi: We’re a moving train, we can’t be stopped – Baba-Ahmed, says social media will vote in 2023

Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, Labour Party (LP), has asked opponents of Peter Obi, the party’s flagbearer not to waste their time in trying to stop the momentum currently gathering around him, saying it is akin to stopping a moving train with bare hands or throwing pebbles at a walking elephant.

The former Senator (Kaduna North) told Channels Television on Politics Today programme on Friday, shortly after his unveiling before the LP leaders, led by National Chairman, Julius Abure, members and supporters that a difference was about to be made in the political firmament of the country, as the Nigerian youths were poised to change the course of events in Nigeria.

Citing the registration of eight million Nigeria in a fell swoop on account of Obi’s entry into the presidential race, he described the former Governor of Anambra State as a phenomenon akin to a moving train, adding that a huge shock awaited the old Nigerian political order, particularly the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), which would be worse than what it meted out to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2015.

Hear him: Peter Obi did not just gather some, I think he gathered phenomenal support. Eight million voters from young Nigerians within this short period of time is phenomenal. It clearly shows the difference that is going to be made.

“I think what is going to hit the powers that be in the ruling party, what is going to hit them is worse than what happened in 2015. Peter Obi is a train – not like the Abuja-Kaduna train. It will be very difficult to blow up this train, because the whole of Nigeria is in the train. There is no use throwing pebbles at an elephant that is walking.

“That is Peter Obi entering the Labour party and what it carries. And what it carries is the interest of Nigerians. That is why we’re flaring out, we’re cleaning out those lines of demarcation in faith and ethnicity. We want to link the farmer in Sokoto and Borno, the farmers in Ogun and Oyo, and Rivers and Akwa Ibom.”

He also dismissed the insinuation that Obi’s supporters were only making noise on social media and would not vote on election day, saying that even Nigerians abroad were already preparing to return enmasse to ensure that the desired change of the old order became possible.

His words: “Go and start looking at the bookings of major European airlines into Nigeria, not just during Christmas time; funny enough, this time after Christmas time; late January to the third week of February, you will see that they are getting full.

“I am into the business of data and statistics and I decided to particularly look at that. This tells you that social media is going to vote. Social media, even if they’re in Canada, even if they’re in Antarctica; one person is there and he mobilises 100,000 people to go out and vote, it has succeeded. But we are not scared.

“The bank balance of any big politician is starting to be irrelevant. Those of us who sweated for the little that we have, we’re spending it very wisely and very carefully. Those of them who made it from government, who just open the coffers and bring it out, they’ll continue to splash it and it will continue to mean less and less till the election hour.”


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